Freshwater Pearls

Luxurious Freshwater Pearl Jewelry: Necklaces, Bracelets, & Earrings
Naughton Braun offers freshwater pearl necklaces, bracelets, & earrings in nearly every color & hue. We feature re-imagined classics & startling new combinations of pearls with semi-precious gems & stones.
All Natural Stuff
Directly selling excellent quality saltwater & freshwater Oriental pearls to our customers at very competitive prices while offering excellent quality in the jewelry. New products are added frequently.
Crystalline Trading
At Grandreams, we offer a breathtaking choice of fine freshwater pearl jewelry.
Pearls of Wisdom Etc.
Sells jewelry and accessories made from strings of fresh water pearls often with semi-precious stones and or crystals, while still maintaining cost-effectiveness.
Pearls - Akoya, Freshwater and Tahitian pearls at up to 80% off!
Wear True Pearls
Pearl Jewelry - Freshwater Pearls - Necklaces - Earrings - Bracelets - Brooches -Pendants.
Wholesale Pearls
Specializes in Chinese freshwater pearls, pearl jewelry and pearls wholesale.