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Facet Rough Gemstones
Facet rough gemstones & gems? Cab Lapidary Cabochon gemstones? Natural cut & cabochons, Gem Crystals Minerals Specimens.
Online stores for Gems, Jewelry, Mineral specimens, Rough stones, Beads, Cabochons, and all kinds of stones of India.
Mitchell Dale's
Designer cabochons and matched pairs hand cut from materials like drusy chrysocolla, eudialyte, kyanite, wavellite, and much more. Quality materials quality cuts and some unique materials found and mined by me.
Gemstone Cabochons by Jeff Chervenka, Information, Links, & Jewelry.
The Online Globe Store
Discover Gemstone Globes - One of the most beautiful eye pleasing products available.
Topgems Designer Cabochons
Designer cabochons for collectors and todays jewelry designers. Only the best and most unsual material cut in our own lapidary studio.