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Tungsten ― the Hardest and the Most Durable Jewelry Material

When choosing a wedding band or a usual ring, most customers prefer pieces from precious metals, like gold or platinum, since such jewelry looks expensive and luxurious. However, when it comes to buying a ring for daily use, it is highly advisable to pay attention to the materials’ durability in the first place. The point is that most precious metals are not resistant to scratches and unfavorable weather conditions.

If you want to have a wedding ring from gold, you had better avoid putting it on during handwork, training sessions, or outside activities. You can replace it with a more wear-resistant alternative on such occasions. The ideal variant is a piece from tungsten carbide (WC).

To start with, let us discuss the crucial facts about tungsten. Tungsten (wolfram or volfram) carbide is a ceramic extracted from tungsten ore, in most cases ― from wolframite or hübnerite. Initially, this carbide looks like gray powder. It undergoes powder metallurgy to be used for jewelry manufacturing and other industries, which includes pressing, sintering and forming into a shape needed. One more option available is hot isostatic pressing. After being sintered, this material becomes solid and achieves the top-class hardness and resistance to abrasion. Also, it outclasses high-speed steel in terms of resistance to high temperatures. To clarify, it is not only the hardest among all the carbides; it is one of the hardest materials on the Earth.

Besides the carbide, there are the following meta states of tungsten: crystalline forms, tungsten hexafluoride (WF), tungstophosphoric acid (HPW₁₂O₄₀), molybdopterin, kegging anions, nanowires.

Naturally, the use of such a unique material widely spread the industry. So, tungsten is used to manufacture different sleeves, sheaths, rings, and washers. Tungsten inert gas is applied for welding. Tungsten nanowires are used for developing and producing lithium-ion batteries, similar to silicon nanowires.

Tungsten Rings ― the Perfect Choice For Everyday Wear

Why should you choose tungsten as the material for your wedding bands? First, as was mentioned above, it is characterized by the ultimate resistance to scratches. It is even more scratch-resistant than titanium. Secondly, tungsten is known for its hardness. Unlike the situation with the majority of precious metals, rings from tungsten preserve their shape for decades.

At the same time, tungsten alloys boast outstanding aesthetic properties. The natural color of this material is dark gray or gunmetal. But it can be covered with various coatings, including golden ones, decorated with inlay, for example, from meteorite ― the exclusive cosmic material. Also, such a ring can have a diamond, a gemstone, or a crystal. There are no design limits; you can easily find the piece that will suit your taste perfectly.

By the way, despite the extreme hardness of tungsten compounds, they are easy to put off in emergencies. So, unlike the situation with most precious metals, medics will not have to cut your ring from tungsten to save your swollen finger.

One more advantage of wolfram jewelry that is worth mentioning as a separate point ― it is hypoallergenic. Still, if you opt for a piece from tungsten steel or any other kind of alloy, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components used.

As you can see, a ring from tungsten is the best option if you are looking for an engagement or wedding band that will serve for decades and will be as secure and reliable as your feelings.

Sure, the use of wolfram is not limited to manufacturing wedding bands only. A ring from this material is a popular choice for men searching for a stylish and durable accessory to complement everyday looks.

Meanwhile, the price of tungsten rings is significantly lower than that of the pieces from precious metals, which undoubtedly contributes to this material’s popularity.

We offer tungsten rings in our online jewelry shop to fit every taste and occasion: from understated minimalist options without extra decorations to sophisticated pieces with elaborate design, precious inlays, and shiny crystals. Meanwhile, we make every effort to keep our prices lower than on most other retailers’ websites, including Etsy.

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