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Tree of Life Jewelry Symbolizes Abundance & Eternity

If you are looking for a tree of life necklace or pendant, you might already know that it is a very symbolic thing. It is a sacred tree concept developed in Jewish mystics. It's a widespread talisman of Kabbalistic nature. Numerous philosophers often called the tree of life "the tree of knowledge." Mainly because it serves as a bridge between the underworld and heaven.

Talismans like these are common for numerous confessions. Getting a jewelry set with the tree of life can be an excellent idea if you are willing to make a special gift to a spiritual person who believes in symbolism. This symbol’s essence is still vague, and Jewish mysticism is not the only source where the concept of the tree of life is widespread.

Etsy users and Etsy staff members can prove that a sterling silver tree of life pendant is among the most popular jewelry pieces they sell monthly. Buyers shop for this item because of several reasons.

Tree of life jewelry

Tree of life necklaces and earrings are often connected with such term as Chokhmah, which means “wisdom” in the Hebrew Bible. Kabbalists believe that pendants and necklaces with the tree of life symbol are somehow connected with the spiritual practices and the paths we choose in life. 

Kabbalists even have a special diagram with emanations (Sefirot) to explain it, but the diagram itself does not look like a tree at all. Nevertheless, if you shop for the tree of life jewelry, you should consider the symbolism. Especially if it is a gift to someone you care about. The aspect of kabbalah is very complex, and you'll have to explain your choice.

Tree of Life Jewelry: Symbolism & Beliefs

The tree of life jewelry, be it a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet, promotes personal and spiritual development regardless of the price. It is about getting better and wiser with every stage of life. Bodhi jewelry products have a very keen and deep religious context. These are mostly ethnic-looking items demonstrating the strong attachment to your roots and never-ending belief in God and a human being’s spiritual powers.

Tree of life jewelry is as famous as Tiferet jewels. Tiferet Jewels imply minimalism and strict geometric shapes, helping people to concentrate on their inner world and meditate. A Tiferet pendant with a gemstone is a nice present to anyone appreciating minimalism and strives for inner peace and emotional comfort.

All trees develop in the same way. Everything starts with the roots, and the tree keeps on growing while spreading its branches towards the sun. A tree of life is a symbol of nature’s strength that is undeniable. That is the reason why engagement rings and other paired jewelry pieces serve as memorable gifts. It’s one of the greatest good-buy gifts for someone you won’t see for a long time.

Jewish mysticism is not the origin explaining the Kabbalistic meaning of the tree. The symbol and its meaning is something you consider right for yourself. Let your tree of life pendant be your symbol of protection, strength, knowledge, and love for any living creature in the world, regardless of the religion and anyone's opinion.

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