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Stars and Moon Jewelry — Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings for Dreamers

Speaking in the language of symbols and being capable of expressing a lot without words is the most loving hearts’ ability. Want to be one of them? You can convey to your loved one eternal values, such as love and happiness, embodied in sterling silver and metal. Since the beginning of time, people have been looking into the sky, and the glittering light of distant galaxies inspired them long before the invention of the telescope. The radiance of star jewelry will awaken astronomy passion even in those who are not interested in NASA's latest discoveries. 

Star Jewelry

In the Medieval Times, jewelry in the shape of celestial bodies was used as amulets. During the Baroque period, it served as a symbol of astrological and scientific discoveries. The mysticism of the starry sky inspired jewelers of the Georgian and Victorian eras — brooches and pendants in the shape of a crescent moon symbolized femininity. The stars were associated with spiritual protection. The moon symbolized fertility and purity, so the first earrings that the father gave to his daughter were crescent-shaped. This was like a wish for the happy future of the offspring. Furthermore, the ancient Chinese considered the circle a symbol of heaven, infinity, and the sun and moon designated East and West.

Star Jewelry for US Patriots and Star Wars Fans

A thousand years ago, the six-pointed star of David was an international sign. It was found on early Christian amulets and in Muslim ornaments called the seal of Solomon. In Christian churches, the hexagram is even more common than in synagogues, since it symbolizes the strength of mind and protection from troubles. So are the stars on the US flag that symbolize the number of states and purity, pride, honesty, and justice. Jewelry with stars will emphasize US citizens’ patriotism and make an excellent gift and an ideal accessory to wear for Independence Day.

Of course, variations on the star theme are inextricably linked to the legendary saga by George Lucas called the Star Wars. Fans of Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, all the Jedi, and Sith members, and fantastic C-3PO will adore the jewelry from our collection, whether it is a bracelet, a pair of earrings, pendant, necklace, etc. Stars are reflected in the mythology and traditions of many world cultures, from Buddhism to Judaism. According to different interpretations, the sign of Om symbolizes the sun or a star. It is used in Buddhist practices and meditation techniques; it gives peace and purifies the soul.

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