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Why is stainless steel jewelry so popular?

For those who are rough and minimalistic, choosing their accessories and jewelry, stainless steel items will be an excellent option. Wired necklaces and metal bracelets, beautiful, reserved, and magnificent, can significantly change your look. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials picked by men and a trendy choice of women. 

Nickel-covered, hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, affordable, yet superb — all that is about stainless steel. The jewelry made of this metal costs cheaper than sterling silver; however, it is incredibly durable despite the price.

If you choose rings made of the superalloy — keep in mind that they can be customized with an engraving of words, citations, precious dates of your life, like your first date, the wedding date, the birthday of your children, and so on. The same rule applies to pendants. 

Stainless steel jewelry

Earrings and hoop earrings made of steel create a light and summer-like impression no matter what season you wear them. Most popular items made of chromium steels and duplex stainless steels on Etsy and other popular websites include belly rings, chains, earrings, rings for men, necklaces, ID pendants, bracelets, and a lot more. A significant advantage of the heat-treated metal to be a less glaring and less bright alternative to shiny silver. 

Stainless steel can add some sharp and polished look. High-end jewelry of a stunning material, with matt or glare finish, is designed to make your whole look stylish, bold, and spice up any combination you wear. 

Stainless Steel: about the material

Authentic stainless steel products comprise far more items than jewelry and accessories. Martensitic steel is used for knives. Passivation makes the metal highly resistant to damages, like galling and galvanic or anodic corrosion or simple rusts — our manufacturing partners use this procedure to ensure the highest quality of the jewelry we sell. 

Jewelry stainless steel — also known as vanadium, is always protected from stress corrosion cracking. Tempering or heat treating is another way to make steel undefeatable and let the accessory symbolize the owner’s strong spirit and remarkable talents. 

If you decide to purchase an item made of chrome-nickel steel, you must be a strong and motivated person, striving for quality in everything you make and everything around. Choosing metal jewelry is an excellent opportunity to engrave a personal message that will stay with you and support you in the darkest times or smile. Before purchasing stainless steel, it is vital to find a reputable vendor: for example, some types of steel may leave dark stains on the skin, while others are suitable for extended wearing, and are a mark of high-quality jewelry. Also, pay attention to the design elements: if it is earrings, make sure the clasps are correctly functioning. And there a no weak parts in your item. If you are looking for a wedding band, ensure the ring is flat and comfortable. 

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