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Snake Jewelry Stands for No Evil

A snake has always been a symbol of strength and power. It started somewhere in the Victorian era when people made snake necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry imitating this animal. A bracelet or a choker made in the shape of a snake symbolizes protection and eternity. A sterling silver snake ear cuff can make a perfect gift. 

Snake jewelry has a very vintage feel to it. Serpent motif jewelry can be found in the most inspiring marketplaces like Etsy. It does not even demand to advertise because most people shop for these jewelry samples daily. Regardless of the tendencies of the modern world, the impact of social media, and advanced technologies, the buyers are still willing to believe in mythological symbols.

A snake ring or a pendant can also symbolize purification. In the Renaissance era, these animals were often portrayed in mourning jewelry. People believed it helped release the corpse of the dead from negative energy and let it pass away to the better world.

Snake Jewelry

Nowadays, most people regard snake jewelry as a sign of protection from other people's negative energy. An ear piercing item with a snake-like barbell or a tiny ring in the nose imitating a snake are modern ways of self-protection from evil eyes.

Of course, everyone invests their own ideas when wearing symbolic jewelry sets. Some people consider snakes the symbols of transformation and new life. A snake can renew its skin on its on to continue living a healthy eternal life. A snake necklace or a bracelet signifies eternity and symbolizes rebirth for some people.

Serpent Metal Bangle Promotes Strength

Is it ok to wear a ring imitating a snake? Serpent rings are often used in spiritual practices. If you are an orthodox believer, and if your faith prevents you from wearing a ring like this, you’d better not reject your faith only because you are interested in a piece of metal. 

Nevertheless, a snake bangle, an ear cuff, or a necklace is entirely harmless. Jesus called snakes wise, so a jewelry set like this can be a sign of inner wisdom. A small stud earring with a snakehead or in the shape of a tiny snake is by no means a symbol of death. A snake sheds its skin, thus giving itself a sort of rebirth.

Costume jewelry and clothes jeweled with snakes can also be symbols of healing. That is probably why numerous medical practitioners and pharmacists all over the world pin a snake brooch to the uniform. 

Remember to stay away from stereotypes and misleading beliefs of our older adults. A necklace, a bracelet, or a couple of snake rings in your jewelry box have no specific pretext under them. They symbolize what you want them to signify. 

If you do not belong to any religious confession, shop for the high-quality snake jewelry here. Add the custom jewelry goods to your online shopping basket and consult us on the price, if needed, because we offer regular promotions and price cuts. The cost of the snake jewelry set depends on many factors, including the type of metal, added gemstones, plating, and many more.

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