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Why is skull jewelry so attractive?

If you have no idea what kind of gift to choose for a bad guy, for a Halloween party, for a friend who does not enjoy traditional jewelry or want to add some fresh vibes to your image, try skull jewelry.

That is not for everyone, which is why fans of this jewelry type enjoy it that much. From necklaces to pendants and from earrings to bracelets, skull shape or engraving are captivating and originally looking. Scary little heads in sugar skull jewelry for men and women may adore or disguise, but they will not leave anyone indifferent, you can be sure. 

Why people enjoy skull theme in accessories and jewelry? The answer is simple. It is one of the most powerful, influential, and one of the oldest known symbols to humans. Some people believe the skull can attract good luck and extra energy, while others associate it with some unique and deep meaning. Skulls symbolize toughness and bravery, especially for rebellious youth groups, which helped many cultures show their membership, for example, it happens with bikers. For men, they can be signs of masculinity and strength.

Skull jewelry

Some people believe life is impossible without the thoughts of death; this way, skulls mean life celebration or testament to a belief in life after death. You may have your own idea of the skull symbol, and, if you decide to get it in jewelry, check out the variety of things we offer!

Skull jewelry: how to choose

Most popular skull jewelry is made of sterling silver and stainless steel. This option leaves a lot of space for personalization, for example, an engraving. Also, there are plenty of costume jewelry options for the Day of the Dead with a skull and crossbones if you need something traditional to show-off.

Skulls are usually combined with leather when it comes to cufflinks and bracelets, sometimes with a macramé style bracelet and bangles. With or without jewels, for yourself or as a gift,  there is a wide variety of attractive skull jewelry types to win any customer’s heart. 

Want to create an exclusive outfit and look like a rebellious and unpredictable person full of inner energy? Choose a massive jewelry piece. If a skull means something sacral to you, you can stick to smaller and more delicate jewelry to demonstrate to those who are close enough to you to notice. 

If skull jewelry brings an idea of fashion and appeals to you, then just trust your taste and embrace the trend. We have jewels with the skull’s visages in various stylistics: pirate or biker, glamorous, or hardcore. The price is always on the lower side — because we care about our customers and want to offer fair pricing and the best quality on the market.

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