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Leather Bracelets with Stainless Steel Dog Tags and Sterling Silver Elements

The very first men's bracelets were made of leather, tusks, and animal fangs. Thousands of years ago, along with necklaces, they were considered attributes of courageous, strong warriors, skillful shamans, and also functioned as talismans. Anyway, bracelets nowadays have become an essential part of an outfit. These accessories easily add an elegant touch, individuality, and even some sophistication to any look.

A bracelet is a stylish men's accessory worn on the wrist. Its history traces back in the times of Ancient Egypt. Then bracelets or a necklace made of silver or genuine leather were worn by both men and women. It was believed that they protected their owners from evil spirits, strengthened health, and increased strength. These accessories were popular in the Middle Ages, but those were made of silver and gold. In the 21st century, many men prefer to wear bracelets nonstop without taking it off. Like any accessory, a bracelet is a way of self-expression; it reflects your sense of taste and style; therefore, everyone should shop for bracelets responsibly.

Mens leather bracelets

Relaxed, laid-back, and playful bracelets are jewelry that every man can wear without hesitation. Bracelets are different; they can be worn every day or on a special occasion, and wearing them is the easiest way to stand out. Our jewelers have designed the coolest ones made of stainless steel and braided leather, decorated with studs, beads, and even dog tags.

A Braided Bracelet or a Silver Cuff — Shop Any Bracelet for the Best Price

Modern men's fashion bracelets are made of different materials, both natural and synthetic. As mentioned earlier, bracelets made of steel, leather, or stone beads are trending now. It makes sense to invest in a quality bracelet or a cuff, provided that you wear them every day. Anyhow, try not focusing on high prices, because cheaper jewelry can also be cool.

Leather bracelets can be quite brutal because animal skin is one of the first materials that people began to use. Therefore, such products convey true masculinity and strength. They go well with a wide variety of clothes. Additionally, leather bracelets can be decorated with silver or metal inserts, including dog tags, rivets, or spikes. For office suits, it is better to choose classic jewelry that perfectly matches your smartwatches. A colorful wristband is suitable for sports and casual outfits, just make sure that such a bracelet is too thick and heavy.

If you prefer a business style of clothing and plan to wear a bracelet under the sleeve of a shirt, sweater, or jacket, choose a model that fits your wrist tightly. Popular Shamballa bracelets from Thailand and Bali are recommended for informal styles, and you can easily find them among 32 products available on our website. Just like or Etsy, we guarantee fair trade and use a secure server to accept online payment. Our prices are even lower thanks to the fewer advertising on the Internet and TV — create an account or enter a password to start shopping!

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