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Leverback earrings: combining style with security and comfort

Leverback earrings are a striking compromise between elegant look and safety measures thanks to a convenient closing clasp. Almost every woman with pierced ears has at least a pair of such earrings, with or without gemstones. 

Leverback style naturally emphasizes the tenderness of female features and the beauty of the facial contour without compromising practical comfort at the same time. Made of top-quality metals and materials, leverback earrings at Bling Jewelry shop will be your number one accessory. Unlike cheap jewelry, our website’s items are made of genuine 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, or cubic zirconia, durable and reliable materials and alloys safe for everyday use. They are easy to take care of and will never leave disappointing rust traces on your skin. 

Coming decorated with emeralds, synthetic diamonds, amethyst, citrine, and other gemstones, leverback earrings can offer significant personalization despite their quite simple shape. You can select your dream earrings from the abundance of designs, including hearts, snowflakes, teardrops, leaves, feathers, filigree images, sea themes, etc. They come in various materials and with different shells, gemstones, chalcedony, turquoise. Just as well you can select from a variety of shapes: rounded, drop-shaped, rectangular, oval to match the shape of your face and highlight your natural attraction. 

Leverback earrings

How to wear leverback earrings?

  • You can wear hanging leverback earrings with a necklace for the official look — this pair of jewelry looks good on women of any age. 
  • Brides prefer these earrings because they look fantastic with a neat updo hairstyle. 
  • Like hoop earrings, leverback earrings can be worn daily; they can be combined with engagement rings or wedding bands, pendants or bracelets. 
  • Leverback earrings that are modest without too much sparkle are suitable for office work. 
  • Sophisticated hanging earrings with gems are created for festive occasions, parties, anniversary dinners, etc.
  • The gemstone color can match the outfit or become an accent matching your complexion, hair color, and the contrast of your appearance. 
  • Light-haired women with the pale skin of cold shades can choose sterling silver earrings and blue, light pink or white CZ.
  • Dark-haired women with brown skin and the prevalence of warm shades in their appearance can wear golden leverback earrings, with yellowish buds or citrine gems. Such combination will better match the complexion and help them look fresher and shinier. 
  • Make sure the size of the earrings fits your facial traits: women with broader features can build a harmonious look wearing larger leverback earrings, while women with smaller facial characteristics will benefit from smaller and more delicate ones. 

Leverback earrings, like many other jewelry options, can be a desired gift for your darlings. Take a closer look at our website’s collection: we offer free shipping for most orders and a free refund for customers living within the United States. 

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