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Goth Jewelry: Reveal Your Dark Self

Expressing yourself through jewelry is one of the simplest things of self-affirmation. A dark gothic necklace with black lace elements, leather straps, and full metal decorative elements creates a unique flair and mood. You can shop for goth earrings here, as well as for the other jewelry items. A choker, a pendant, or a skull bracelet will reveal your mood and demonstrate your unique style.

If it is not the first time you buy goth jewelry from Etsy or any other platforms for the artistic people, you will have no trouble picking out another stainless steel charm or a clasp in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration style. We have Halloween costume jewelry, as well as the items made of sterling silver. Rings, cufflinks, and necklaces we sell are manufactured in line with high-quality standards and made of safe materials.

Do not forget about your friends and relatives interested in punk and goth accessories. A devoted fan of medieval settings, goth arts, and music, will be fond of your desire to support their interest.

Goth Jewelry

Goth culture itself is not that old — it appeared a little over 50 years ago with the enormous popularity of vampire aesthetics. People who identify themselves as representatives of Goth culture stick to anything creating a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The prevailing metal options are silver and stainless steel (as an advanced option). Yellow metals are unacceptable here, as well as pastel colors. A goth ring or a bracelet is generally crafted using leather, lace, and white metals.

Besides, goth jewelry is often manufactured with the use of semiprecious stones in silver metal framing. Accents of red are also acceptable.

Choosing Goth Jewelry: Things to Remember

The primary standards promoted through the social media about the goth jewelry imply the following: complementing the overall look with piercings, emphasizing the rings (full-finger and phalanx gothic rings are highly popular), and massive bracelets.

The design may be different, as well as the price. Ensure the ear cuff that you plan as a gift complies with a specific type of gothic culture. Is your friend interested in the BDSM setting, or is his jewelry elegant like the one worn by antique goths? If your friend is a Trad Goth, he might love wearing long hair, fishnets, and a lot of leather. These goths will adore massive full-metal and leather bracelets. 

Among the most famous gothic pendants and even tattoos is ouroboros. It is an ancient gothic symbol of eternity, depicting a snake swallowing its tail. 

A person interested in alchemy and medieval culture will also show interest in witchcraft and Wicca symbols. Wicca is a particular type of Gothic culture combining witchcraft practices and unity with the natural world and its laws. In the middle of the 20th century, Wicca symbols included geometric jewelry pieces and natural objects like the stars, the moon, feathers, and animal skulls.

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