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Evil Eye Jewelry: a precious gift to yourself and your loved ones

Evil eye jewelry has a thousand-year history and came to us from Ancient Greece. Today, the evil eye is considered to have a Turkish origin (göz) and is extremely popular worldwide. Like Italian talisman Carnicelli or phallic charms, evil eye in the form of hamsa or Fatima’s hands or a famous eye Nazar boncuğu, also known as nazarlik, Evil Eye jewelry is believed to keep negative energy away. We have no idea if it works and the mechanism and can only suppose from the historical evidence: it has been a religious symbol since ancient times. It appears to present in multiple cultures and blended in with superstition.

Aside from the evil eye’s magic qualities, it is esthetically pleasing and a stylish and attractive motif for any kind of jewelry. Evil eye necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are eye-catching indeed. Of gold color or made of sterling silver, with beads or crystals, evil eye (or mal de Ojo) items are a talisman because people like them were very often used to them so much that they can’t imagine the daily routine with this small protection thing. 


Many celebrities, including royals, wear evil eye jewelry — maybe because of the protective power, possibly due to other reasons. However, this style in silver remains popular for many decades. Buri Nazar evil eye jewelry is a great gift for people, to whom you want to express your loving care. Evil eye

How to wear evil eye jewelry?

You can combine a stylish look with protection from negative energies from the outside, misfortune, curse, and aggressiveness with evil eye jewelry:

  • There are nicely crafted bracelets with enamel or crystal, having an evil-eye-shaped decoration. Usually, they are blue, but they may not be the primary color or monochrome.
  • You can wear an evil eye on your chest — try necklaces or pendants depending on how large or vice versa — how subtle you want your protective jewelry to be.
  • Charms for bracelets can barely be visible to strangers. Shaped like a small bead, the evil eye charm will be secret protection.
  • Evil eye rings are also exceedingly popular — both small and large statement ones. 

Now when you know how to wear the evil eye jewelry, it is the best time to choose the proper options and use its properties or enjoy the captivating look of the selection at the affordable prices with free shipping. 

Reveal your spiritual power and give you intuition to protect you and take care of your energy flows. You can order evil eye jewelry for your friends or relatives — they will highly appreciate such a present because it shows your care, involvement, and love. 

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