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Ear Piercing ― the Most Popular Kind of Body Piercing

Ear piercing is a popular way to accentuate personality.

The most delicate option is earlobe piercings. While they are a classic, they do not look provocative or attract too much attention, which means that they will easily fit in any office dress code and not cause any workplace problems. Meanwhile, if you want to add spice to your look, you can opt for double earlobe piercings or use a different earring for each earlobe.

However, note that any kind of ear piercings, including conch, helix, cartilage, tragus and rook piercings, and an industrial piercing, can be easily hidden with the help of smartly chosen haircuts and hairdos. So, one can wear the hair loose during working hours and put all the ear piercings on display when going out after work or at the weekends.

Another beneficial advantage of ear piercing is that one can enjoy displaying it to the public all year round, except for the cold days when headgear is preferable.

Besides, earlobe piercings and other ear piercing kinds do not constrict the movements: if you give preference to stud earrings, you will not even have to put them off to practice sports (in most cases).

As for the ear piercing procedures, they are quick and relatively safe. The main point is to make sure that the ear-piercing instrument is sterile, that will help you avoid varied infections, the pain associated with them, and ensure that pierced ears heal fast and without any problems. There are two options available for instruments used for piercing: a needle and a piercing gun.

By the way, ear piercings are popular with both women and men. But there is some difference in piercing trends: most men prefer to have one ear pierced decorate with a simple stud or a small hoop earring.

Do you still have any doubts about pierced ears? If yes, you can try ear jewelry without making any piercing. Start with wearing an ear cuff. In case you see that you do not experience any inconveniences, you can safely schedule an ear piercing procedure. A great alternative to an ear cuff is a pair of clip-on earrings.

Where to Buy Jewelry and Instruments for Ear Piercings?

No doubt, when it comes to buying jewelry for piercing, turning to a reliable shop is necessary, since that ensures the proper quality of items and the safety of your health. If you need a barbell, a pair of earrings, or any other kind of accessories for ear piercings, the best variant is to place an order on Jewelry Ecommerce.

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