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Cuff bracelets: are they suitable for everyone?

Why do we love cuff bracelets? 

The answer is as simple as a day: cuff bracelets, whether made of precious metal, leather, or jewelry, is a stylish accessory able to add some spices to your overall look. They are large enough to catch the attention of the people around and become some kind of style statement. Compare light and thin gold or silver cable and a massive leather or copper item a couple of inches in width — they both can tell a lot about your tastes, preferences, and today’s mood. 

For example, imagine you create a capsule wardrobe for summer at and search for jewelry to complete the look — according to top stylists, famous in social media. Cuff bracelets will work in pair with your outfit: a dress, a top with jeans or a skirt, creating the mood and showing off your attractiveness.

Cuff bracelets

Some say the tradition of wearing this type of accessories comes from sunny and exotic Bali and is associated with Buddha of compassion, Chenrezig and Avalokitesvara, or the idea of torque. Some consider the trend of wearing solid bracelets belongs to Tiffany & Co and then supported by Etsy. We do not know exactly but are assured that cuff bracelets are as popular as engagement rings. 

You will find a stunning spectrum of styles and shapes crafted in metals or other materials, with different finishes and various colors. Whenever type of a bangle or a cuff bracelet you are searching for, we are ready to offer the options. 

How to wear cuff bracelets? 

Cuff bracelets are worth its price, especially if we are talking about jewelry. With or without jewels and gems, made of sterling silver or other materials, such an item can become a smart thing and an instrument to improve the proportions of the arm, accentuate thin, delicate and attractive parts of your body, for example, wrists. 

How does it work? Horizontal lines can visually split the body or its specific parts, making them shorter. A wide bangle can make the arm look shorter and gentler or solve a short sleeve and express your esthetics. A combination of a bracelet with some other jewelry items can create a creative and nice-looking combination that suits a casual and festive look.

If you have already made up your mind searching for cuff bracelets advertising, watching reviews on eBay, or searching the website of tiffany & co for inspiration — we suggest that you check out our site, as there are so many options to choose from.

A variety of designs: from spiritual motifs to tender flowers, from romantic curves to magic animals and sea life creatures — choose the inspirational design that would make you unique. 

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