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Where to wear a cocktail ring?

The question may sound very typical if you are new to wearing statement jewelry for special occasions and are discovering such a great way to add irresistible attractiveness to your outfit with a cocktail ring. Eventually, almost every woman decides to have one, so the most critical questions: when to wear a jewelry cocktail ring, what material to prefer, do these rings have to have real diamonds or gemstones?

High-quality jewelry is there to be a safer and a more affordable option to precious metals and gems stones: cubic zirconia (CZ), sterling silver, simulated sapphire, emerald, platinum-like, and white-gold-like metals can look as chic and luxurious as gold and many-carat diamonds if you select them matching to your dress. 

We suggest wearing oversized cocktail rings to the official dinners, large parties, wedding ceremonies, awards ceremonies, and any other top-level occasions — definitely not for breakfast. We have prepared a couple of basic ways to wear large cocktail rings and inspire you to be bold and try a sparkling fashion ring for a Hollywood dramatic look and uniqueness.

Cocktail rings

Select the appropriate model from our catalog and pay attention to the metal color and the ring size: there are instructions on measuring your ring size to make sure you order the correct one. Also, we have free shipping for large orders. Check it out. 

How to choose a suitable cocktail ring for a party?

There are many suggestions from stylists, gemologists, and fashion icons on social networks and in magazines. If you have a passion for esthetics and beauty, be sure you will manage to choose the best matching model to look gorgeous at any event. Nevertheless, here are a couple of ideas for you:

  • For the image full of mystery, try animal or flower themes, but make sure they match the dress — it is better to have a monochrome one, and that they do not add too much of the idea. For example, animalistic print on the dress with a similar ring may look a bit exaggerated. 
  • For a red carpet style — try a large CZ cocktail ring with 925 sterling silver. It will match a long dress with a décolleté.
  • Vintage speakeasy-style statement rings with amethyst, emerald, citrine, Kashmir sapphire, or precious stone imitation will be just perfect with a little black dress or some vintage dresses of that epoch. 
  • You can wear a cocktail ring on any finger, but having it on the ring finger looks stunning. 
  • If you want to combine a cocktail ring with your engagement ring, it is better to wear them on different hands.

Lovely and stunning rings from our collection will be a valuable investment in your image for significant events and help you make a vivid fashion statement. A statement ring is also a good present — but only if you are sure the person likes such style and would be glad. 

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