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Unique Choker Phenomenon in Fashion

A choker is a modern necklace that most women like to wear regardless of the event. This jewelry can be made of an array of both cheap and precious materials, including plastic, beaded, latex, velvet, leather, metal, and of course, of gold, silver, or platinum, and many more. Clients who buy them can also have them adorned with sequins, studs, or a pendant. Choker necklaces were trending a few years ago. However, they are classy even now, if you know how to pair them with clothes and other accessories. Beyond that, there is a stereotype that the choker necklaces are only for teenagers, as they are usually cheap and are hard to pair with the evening dress. It is entirely untrue. Such jewelry could have been found even on the red carpet, especially if it is ornamented with diamonds. Or, you can see them on actresses in movies.

At Jewelry Ecommerce, there are many brands such as Forever 21, ETSY, or customized choker jewelry. Decide on the material, and color of chokers, and have it delivered to your door within a moment. At our catalog, you can find Coachella-style collar necklaces, a binding pendant of many styles, neck chain, and perfectly fit even men who are into this type of style. The price per each jewelry can vary; however, we ensure you access only affordable items that won’t make you throw money down the drain. If needed, we also provide a basket for your precious “remedy” jewelry to protect your goods from damages or other harmful impacts.

The Engaging Truth About Chokers

The history of these accessories has hundreds of years dated back. According to many data, choker necklaces have been first used during the Revolution in France. Women used to wear ribbons on their necks in memory of those who fell victims of a guillotine. Another version belongs to Anne Boleyn, who has been portrayed with a choker on her many paintings. She used to wear pearl choker paired alongside pendant.

Then, one can find several paintings where English Elite has wore a choker, for example, Alexandra, the Wales Princess, wore it just to hide a scar on her neck.

As for the more modern times, chokers came back in the 1990s, and many celebs started wearing them to the red carpet. Especially, it concerns a tattoo choker typically made of plastic and which is very stretchy. The final coming back is related to 2015 when chokers were ornamented with chains, brass, stripes, jewels, and pearls.

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