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Buddha Jewelry — Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings for Yoga and Meditation

Jewelry is a huge part of your personality and individual style. Classic and modern, elegant and sophisticated, jewelry designed to emphasize its owner’s individuality will become a reflection of your mood and character. Recently, jewelry with the image of religious and mystical symbols is super popular and represents an inextricable connection with the spiritual world.

Most of the jewelry created in Nepalese and Tibetan styles are not limited to a purely decorative function. It has a deep and symbolic meaning and can be conveyed with certain forms and signs, and the decorative elements often have inscriptions in Tibetan or Sanskrit.

Buddha Jewelry

For example, Om () is a Hinduism syllable that first appeared in the Vedic manuscripts and can also be called Pranava Mantra. It consists of curved lines, a point, and a semicircle. The broad lower line is associated with wakefulness while the upper one stands for deep sleep, and the in-between one is a symbol of daydreaming.

The Buddha image is calming and reminds of the basic principles of Buddhism. There are many ways to practice Buddhism, and Buddha jewelry also has many ritualistic purposes. Buddhas can be endowed with a lot of information, have different meanings, and helps people develop. The image of Buddha embodied in jewelry pieces carries peace, calmness, and tranquility.

Silver and Metal Jewelry for Meditation and Prayer

Om mani padme hum is probably one of the most famous mantras in Mahayana Buddhism. This six-syllable mantra of the Bodhisattva translates as ‘Oh! The pearl in the lotus flower!’ The mantra is often associated with Shadakshari, the embodiment of Avalokiteshvara, and has a deep sacred meaning.

In Hinduism, three sounds in the syllable “Om” (pronounced Aum) personify three states of mind: awakening, slumber, and deep sleep. The whole syllable or the silence that accompanies it is the fourth state, which is interpreted as enlightenment or bliss when a person realizes his identity with the Absolute. Om is also interpreted as a symbol of the divine triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — a creation embodying three levels of existence — earth, paradise, and the underworld.

Buddha jewelry is a sacred symbol and the embodiment of the divine principle, which personifies the connection between people and nature. It is the one who comprehends the secret of life and death. Traditionally, Buddha is portrayed sitting in the lotus position. Meditating Buddha jewelry is a source of vital energy. It is believed that the symbol brings peace of mind, prevents terrible thoughts, and enlightens people. So the Buddha jewelry and prayer beads are not just exotic adornments but also sources of calm and happiness, and they are suitable for prayer, meditation, and yoga practice.

This jewelry is highly recommended not only for Buddhists but also for all the people searching for peace and tranquillity. We have items decorated with metal pendants, prayer beads, Japa mala beads, unalome symbols, different jewels, Zen signs, etc. All products are available at affordable prices, and you buy them in a minute after registration or entering your password.

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