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Birthstone Jewelry: what is it?

One of the most miraculous and magnificent jewelry types is birthstone jewelry. Historically, birthstones are that 12 gemstones are signs of each zodiac sign and each ancient tribe. However, later in 1912, the National Association of Jewelers created a modern birthstone system, by the months of birth. It means that each person can find a piece of jewelry with the stone that matches their month of birth. Do you know which gem is yours? Maybe purple quartz, alexandrite, or perhaps fantastic cremation gems?

It is considered that carefully chosen stone can improve the energy level, unveil the hidden spiritual power, support in difficult moments of life, bring luck, and protect from evil. 

You can select a necklace, earrings, pendants, or bracelets with your birthstone to find out if these advantages are real and the system works. 

Birthstone jewelry

To shop such a marvelous gift to yourself or your friends or family members, you need to know the birth date or at least the month. To find out which birthstone is yours is easy — here we will provide a shortlist of birth. 

  • For those who are born in January — the birthstone is passionate garnet.
  • For February — magical amethyst.
  • For people born in March — sparkling blue aquamarine.
  • April is the month of luxury diamonds.
  • May is paired with beautiful green emeralds.
  • June — with tender pearls.
  • July — with hot and shiny ruby.
  • August-born people need a sunny peridot gem.
  • Born in September can buy royal sapphire.
  • While those who came to the world in October need a shimmering opal.
  • The birthstone of November is reserved citrine or yellow topaz.
  • And the gem for December is delicate blue topaz.

Birthstone jewelry: how to wear?

Birthstones combine with any precious metal or jewelry: gold, white gold, or sterling silver. It is an unforgettable birthday present, especially when it comes to a story behind the gem. It can be a single gem or several of them in a jewelry set: rings, pendants, and a bracelet. If you have not found it on Etsy, welcome to our online store: full of jewels, citrine, rubies, beryl, and many other options at a fair price. 

Buying a set of birthstones jewelry, you can complete the general outfit and create a fascinating collection of your lucky birthstones for special events. Wear them separately for daily occasions. For example, a necklace is great alone or can be worn together with earrings. Earrings make a nice pair with a ring, as well. A minimalist pendant on a light chain is suitable for daily wear, and secret wear, depending on your preferences.

Welcome to the beautiful world of birthstone jewelry at our website: select your month of birth and enjoy a great variety of items and safe online shopping. We ensure secure server certificates to process payments and returns free of charge — if you are from the United States. 

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