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What kinds of anklets are there?

Anklets or ankle bracelets are a type of jewelry most suitable for hot summers, beach parties, and tanned ankles. If you are here to learn more and improve your style, as well as to reveal the beauty of each part of your body, pay attention to ankle bracelets.

Anklets are worn in warmer seasons when the legs and feet are exposed to the sun and the public. They offer a unique one-season opportunity to add some fresh look to your style and wear things you never wear in winter. 

This attribute of a careless glittering boho princess can come with a startling  925 sterling silver chains. To create a beach-style, you can go for anklets with beads in the shape of sea animals. For city chick,  you can choose gold jewelry with pearl beads to match the shade of your suntanned legs and.

Ankle bracelets

At this website, you can enjoy a variety of designs to wear as a single piece or to combine several of them to remain uniquely bohemian and match your casual attire. 

How to find the right size of your ankle bracelet? 

To get to know your size, wrap a measuring tape around the place you would like to wear the anklet. Add half an inch to the total. 

If you look for a gift, typically smaller ankles require a 9-inch anklet, and the average size is 10 inches. 

Ankle Bracelet Etiquette

To avoid wearing anklets in an inappropriate or unattractive way, make sure you follow a couple of thumb rules:

  • You can choose any style, color, metal, and decorations you are comfortable wearing.
  • Choose the right setting: your office workplace is probably not the best place to wear one. 
  • Ankle jewelry matches almost any summer shoes, including flip-flops, especially combined with a freshly-done pedicure at a casual summer party. Put it on, go to the beach, vacation, rave at a festival, or any similar event. 
  • You can wear an anklet on either leg: there hardly are any secret messages of wearing it on the right or the left ankle. 
  • Never combine ankle bracelets with pantyhose.
  • You may want to secretly wear one under your pants or jeans if you like and such jewelry item makes you feel better, even when hidden from others.
  • You can wear it loosely hanging from the ankle or let it be snug above the leg. Both options are possible, and both create the style: relaxed and boho or delicate and tender, a little bit more formal if such can be said about ankle jewelry. 
  • For a chic outfit, wear them with cropped jeans, a casual and light summer dress, or a bikini.

Check out the selection of yellow or white gold anklets, with beads, gems, or other decorations, ones made of leather or woven. 

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