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  • Angel Jewelry

    Guardian Angels Embodied in Jewelry — Pendants, Rings, and Necklaces for the Soul

    Angels are not just beautiful creatures that soar high above heaven and live among soft cotton clouds. These fictional beings have several essential qualities, including justice, honesty, kindness, and the ability to protect from any difficulties. Therefore, jewelry decorated with angels or angel wings’ images will be a wonderful gift that will emphasize the favorable disposition, devotion, and gratitude towards your beloved ones.

    Pendants, rings, and necklaces from our ‘’angelic’’ collection are created for those who want to surprise others with unusual jewelry having a deep meaning. Giving someone a guardian angel embodied in precious metal for a birthday, christening or baptism is pretty symbolic because it speaks of your feelings without words — you silently declare your readiness to help at any time, come for rescue in a difficult situation and protect from any troubles. Such a spiritual gift is traditionally presented to the closest and dearest people, be it mom or dad, sister or brother, a spouse, or a child.

    Angel Jewelry

    It is customary to present beautiful angels for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other significant events and dates. The image of an angel is associated with the charm of the soul and eternal love. You will find a wide selection of engagement rings decorated with angel wings and bright stones on our website. As you know, marriages are made in heaven, and little angels will secure the future family from adversity, carefully protecting and preserving your warmest feelings.

    Angel Jewelry Collection — Pendants, Bracelets and Earring Made of Sterling Silver

    Our shop’s catalog contains angelic jewelry that meets almost every taste. It includes pendants in the form of angels and jewelry for pierced ears in the form of wings and feathers. Exquisite designer products are made of sterling silver and semiprecious stones, so their price always remains affordable. Reasonable pricing is combined with the products’ unique qualities — they all are made of eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials that passed verification and 100% safe for both people and the whole environment.

    In the catalog, you will find beautiful stud earrings for your pierced ears or pendants for women and men — there is also jewelry for the soul, which means it is significant and symbolic. We have adornments for everybody, be it a person searching for jewelry that symbolizes strength and courage which the archangels tend to have, or someone who wants to make a statement without making a statement. Stilly emphasizes their tenderness, vulnerability, and openness to the world.

    We have created a wide selection of jewelry decorated with various types of angels, from cherubs to archangels. It can be delivered directly to your door. To make a purchase,  enter your credit card details at the checkout. Payments pass through an authorized processing server, making the purchases on our site safe for customers.

  • Ankle bracelets

    What kinds of anklets are there?

    Anklets or ankle bracelets are a type of jewelry most suitable for hot summers, beach parties, and tanned ankles. If you are here to learn more and improve your style, as well as to reveal the beauty of each part of your body, pay attention to ankle bracelets.

    Anklets are worn in warmer seasons when the legs and feet are exposed to the sun and the public. They offer a unique one-season opportunity to add some fresh look to your style and wear things you never wear in winter. 

    This attribute of a careless glittering boho princess can come with a startling  925 sterling silver chains. To create a beach-style, you can go for anklets with beads in the shape of sea animals. For city chick,  you can choose gold jewelry with pearl beads to match the shade of your suntanned legs and.

    Ankle bracelets

    At this website, you can enjoy a variety of designs to wear as a single piece or to combine several of them to remain uniquely bohemian and match your casual attire. 

    How to find the right size of your ankle bracelet? 

    To get to know your size, wrap a measuring tape around the place you would like to wear the anklet. Add half an inch to the total. 

    If you look for a gift, typically smaller ankles require a 9-inch anklet, and the average size is 10 inches. 

    Ankle Bracelet Etiquette

    To avoid wearing anklets in an inappropriate or unattractive way, make sure you follow a couple of thumb rules:

    • You can choose any style, color, metal, and decorations you are comfortable wearing.
    • Choose the right setting: your office workplace is probably not the best place to wear one. 
    • Ankle jewelry matches almost any summer shoes, including flip-flops, especially combined with a freshly-done pedicure at a casual summer party. Put it on, go to the beach, vacation, rave at a festival, or any similar event. 
    • You can wear an anklet on either leg: there hardly are any secret messages of wearing it on the right or the left ankle. 
    • Never combine ankle bracelets with pantyhose.
    • You may want to secretly wear one under your pants or jeans if you like and such jewelry item makes you feel better, even when hidden from others.
    • You can wear it loosely hanging from the ankle or let it be snug above the leg. Both options are possible, and both create the style: relaxed and boho or delicate and tender, a little bit more formal if such can be said about ankle jewelry. 
    • For a chic outfit, wear them with cropped jeans, a casual and light summer dress, or a bikini.

    Check out the selection of yellow or white gold anklets, with beads, gems, or other decorations, ones made of leather or woven. 

  • Bangle Bracelets

    Bangle Bracelets — Indian Vibes in Contemporary World

    What do you know about bangle bracelets? The majority of people relate them to Indian culture; however, such a trend may be felt in other countries as well. Typically, they are worn to emphasize beauty, and in some tribes, they support women`s necks. Nowadays, there is no need for such extreme use, as there are many bangle bracelets made of metal, sterling, silver, gold, or leather for daily outfits. Some manufacturers also add diamonds and make these bangles a piece of premium jewelry. Moreover, children prefer to hand-make bracelets in vintage style and share them with their friends as a token of friendship. 

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have collected the best Indian jewelry-like items from Pandora, ETSY, and many other distributors that gain the lead in the jewelry market. Besides, you can find exclusive Queen of Heaven gold bangles that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Shop for sets, or fine jewelry rings with precious and semi-precious stones that will ideally complete your look. We ensured all the goods in our catalog are of high-quality, safe, and environmentally-friendly. Beyond that, you will not develop an allergy even if you have sensitive skin. Many clients have already tried our glass bangles and feedback on them positively. If you cannot identify what the best jewelry for your particular today’s style is, we can hint you and recommend the latest trends so that you will look perf at any event. Hurry up to catch the hot deals.

    Bangle Bracelets

    Bangle Bracelets — For Youngsters or Adults?

    Due to today’s fashion, many teenagers and young adults tend to revive old trends. This is what happened to bakelite bangles and tab necklaces. They are colorful, sometimes made of steel, but still classy if you want to match them with the evening dress. Besides, there is such a term as immediate family, and it would be extraordinarily sweet to bound you all with such jewelry. There are cuff bangles that are typically worn on the shoulder part for those who like smaller details. It will be a stylish item if you are attending a summertime pool party. For the red carpet events, diamond carat bangles will look smooth, and other people will wonder — I have never thought bangles could be paired with an evening dress. However, mind that such carat jewelry has a massive weight, so you should be ready to train your arms. 

    Finally, what about senior people? People of this age group adore faturan bracelets and necklaces. They are keen on jewelry that can bring luck. Yes, such superstitions are still present in modern life. Furthermore, it will be an excellent gift for a bride if you cannot figure out what jewelry will be suitable to present.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, all the prices for jewelry are affordable, and you can subscribe to our email marketing promotion, where we announce the hot deals. Find us also on social media, and access frequently asked questions section where we answer the questions about jewelry.

  • Belly Rings

    Belly Rings Are Sexy: There Is Nothing Wrong with Piercing

    Belly button piercings have been popular over the years. Unfortunately, most people are controlled by the misleading conceptions about the danger and foolishness of the younger generation regarding discussions of body decorations. 

    Accept the fact that navel piercing is one of the safest operations, taking minimum time and patience. Belly button accessories and a wide choice of ring items and numerous piercing jewelry options for the belly button are impressive. They are made with the use of the latest technology, promoting fast healing and recovery after the operation.

    The basic materials are titanium, stainless steel, plus gem and crystal insertions. A belly ring or a navel piercing can be released in different shapes and designs. Have a look at banana bells. These are the most typical belly rings. A barbell is not entirely suitable for the navel piercing as its shape is not curved enough. Straight barbells are mostly used for the ears. Still, there are anatomically curved barbell options.

    Belly Rings

    A curved barbell is suitable for most body shapes as it heals in no time if you deal with the maintenance properly. Navel rings are also a popular option. We offer a wide range of affordable items with sparkling gems and beads. A belly button ring is a perfect choice for a sporty lady with a fit body and those fond of belly dancing. Not all belly dancers own developed abs and tight belly, but belly button piercing is still considered appealing. 

    Facts About Belly Rings: Bellybutton Ring Pros & Cons

    Of course, there are several risks connected with a navel piercing and many other piercings as well. Ear piercing, tattooing, and all kinds of body piercings can result in excessive bleeding, allergic reactions to the materials, or simple accessory rejection.

    These dangers are exaggerated. A well-manufactured navel ring will never trigger a bloodborne disease. All renowned sellers and manufacturers agree that the responsible piercing masters’ skills, combined with your following the hygiene essentials, will save you from any healthcare trouble. If a body piercer tells you that you have to use Neosporin to treat your fresh piercing, you’ll have to follow the instructions regardless of whether you’re using surgical steel or silver. If you’re a responsible client of your piercing specialist office, you’ll never have trouble with your health.

    You can shop for the belly button piercing accessories and find out more about ball piercing items for your navel and pick out the best steel jewelry options for all parts of the body.

    A playboy bunny belly piercing is one of the most trivial, but still effective for the owners of fir bodies and string abs. There’s always a possibility to find a navel ring with any design, starting from the action characters, finishing with the religious signs. Navel piercings are common for men and women all over the world. Regardless of what you’re willing to get — a flower piercing or a gothic curved barbell — anything will do if it does not align with your religious beliefs. 

    We have curved barbells and numerous belly button piercing accessories for all tastes and people of different lifestyles. These are gothic, ethnic, religious, and other preferences. A pierced navel is a normal thing for anyone who accepts all types of self-expression. We’re glad to help you with the choice of navel piercings for your beautiful belly. Stay in touch with our team members so that they could help you make the right choice.

  • Birthstone jewelry

    Birthstone Jewelry: what is it?

    One of the most miraculous and magnificent jewelry types is birthstone jewelry. Historically, birthstones are that 12 gemstones are signs of each zodiac sign and each ancient tribe. However, later in 1912, the National Association of Jewelers created a modern birthstone system, by the months of birth. It means that each person can find a piece of jewelry with the stone that matches their month of birth. Do you know which gem is yours? Maybe purple quartz, alexandrite, or perhaps fantastic cremation gems?

    It is considered that carefully chosen stone can improve the energy level, unveil the hidden spiritual power, support in difficult moments of life, bring luck, and protect from evil. 

    You can select a necklace, earrings, pendants, or bracelets with your birthstone to find out if these advantages are real and the system works. 

    Birthstone jewelry

    To shop such a marvelous gift to yourself or your friends or family members, you need to know the birth date or at least the month. To find out which birthstone is yours is easy — here we will provide a shortlist of birth. 

    • For those who are born in January — the birthstone is passionate garnet.
    • For February — magical amethyst.
    • For people born in March — sparkling blue aquamarine.
    • April is the month of luxury diamonds.
    • May is paired with beautiful green emeralds.
    • June — with tender pearls.
    • July — with hot and shiny ruby.
    • August-born people need a sunny peridot gem.
    • Born in September can buy royal sapphire.
    • While those who came to the world in October need a shimmering opal.
    • The birthstone of November is reserved citrine or yellow topaz.
    • And the gem for December is delicate blue topaz.

    Birthstone jewelry: how to wear?

    Birthstones combine with any precious metal or jewelry: gold, white gold, or sterling silver. It is an unforgettable birthday present, especially when it comes to a story behind the gem. It can be a single gem or several of them in a jewelry set: rings, pendants, and a bracelet. If you have not found it on Etsy, welcome to our online store: full of jewels, citrine, rubies, beryl, and many other options at a fair price. 

    Buying a set of birthstones jewelry, you can complete the general outfit and create a fascinating collection of your lucky birthstones for special events. Wear them separately for daily occasions. For example, a necklace is great alone or can be worn together with earrings. Earrings make a nice pair with a ring, as well. A minimalist pendant on a light chain is suitable for daily wear, and secret wear, depending on your preferences.

    Welcome to the beautiful world of birthstone jewelry at our website: select your month of birth and enjoy a great variety of items and safe online shopping. We ensure secure server certificates to process payments and returns free of charge — if you are from the United States. 

  • Black Jewelry

    Black Jewelry Always Fits

    The range of jewelry products in the market is overwhelming, which sometimes even irritates. Nevertheless, traditional gold jewelry, rose gold earrings, precious stones, and diamond rings can easily be replaced with such a non-traditional thing as a black engagement ring, a necklace with black onyx (a mineral chalcedony with parallel pattern), or a dark metal bracelet with a matching ring. 

    Here, you can shop for all types of jewelry on the base of gold, silver, sterling silver, and other metals with rhodium plating destined to make your jewels shiny and protect them from scratches.

    What about picking a pendant with a precious stone? Sapphires and garnets have never been out of fashion. If the price on gems is not suitable for you, and if you are interested in something less extravagant, semiprecious stones can become an option. Have you ever been involved in fluorspars? Etsy offers fluorspar jewelry, and you can visit their website to find out whether these Etsy options with such natural minerals as emerald, sapphire, garnet, beryl, dravite, schorl, and opal.

    Black Jewelry

    The primary precious gemstones used for the best jewelry pieces are ruby, diamond, sapphire, and emerald. Red beryl is also among the most sought-after natural minerals. 

    We do have a wide range of options for any sophisticated taste. A jewelry piece with a gemstone can become a perfect gift for your beloved. Get in touch with our staff members to find out more about tin ore coating, luster jewelry, and black onyx options for those who fancy black jewelry accessories.

    Black Jewelry Will Complement Anyone 

    Black jewelry presented in our catalog includes handmade pieces and custom designs. These are sets and separate products manufactured from silver, sterling silver, gold, and other metals with black plating. It's mainly rhodium plating adding the desired dark finish to your earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

    However, you should understand that even the most precious jewelry pieces with rhodium plating demand regular maintenance. The dark finishing tends to wear off. It is not a problem should you have enough money to invest in regular replating. 

    You should also know that if you fancy black onyx jewelry pieces, the majority of goods you will find in the market are manufactured on the base of sardonyx, which has to be artificially colored to become entirely black. There are also imitated black onyx options made on the base of the chalcedony. 

    Another affordable option is hematite. Hematite demonstrates potent grounding energy. It doesn’t cost cheap, but it promotes health and is often used in Feng Shui.

    Consider choosing a tungsten engagement ring if you are a practical person. Tungsten carbide jewelry is one of the most reasonable options for someone who simply wants to own a tiny jewelry piece and cherish it not because of the price, but because of its value. This material is impossible to crack or scratch. Tungsten jewelry does not deform and looks perfect with a memorable engraving. Such marketplaces as Etsy and Black Hills jewelry will inspire you to invest in decent pieces of crystal and bead jewelry and more expensive options with dark precious metals and gemstones.

  • Body jewelry

    Body and Piercing Jewelry to Fit Any Taste

    Piercing jewelry is a stylish way to accentuate your individuality. A neatly looking nose stud or an eye-catching belly-button ring will add some spice to your look. Such jewelry is a perfect accompaniment to a beach or summer outfit. Sure, it is not necessarily required to have your body or face pierced to enjoy body jewelry as you can always opt for an ankle bracelet or an ear cuff.

    In our online shop catalog, you can find a full range of jewelry to adorn any part of the body:

    • Ear piercing is one of the most widespread types of body decoration. You can go wearing and exposing barbells and other ear accessories almost all year round, unlike navel piercing. If you are interested in ear piercing items, you can choose from traditional earrings, barbells (or spools), and ear cuffs. More to the point, in our assortment, there is a diversity of barbells: straight barbells, circular barbells, and curved ones. You can wear such an accessory in cartilage, a tragus, or a helix. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can mix different earrings and barbells and wear them together to infuse your look with originality and style. Another attractive alternative to barbell piercing is wearing cuffs. Such jewelry is the latest trend. Note that you can also order a men's hoop earring or barbell for your boyfriend or friend on our website.
    • Nose piercings. You can find accessories for nose piercing in our online shop to fit every taste and style: from delicate studs for nostril piercing to bold septum rings.
    • Belly button rings. Navel piercing is the perfect way to attract attention to a beautiful flat belly. There are belly rings for any occasion in our assortment: from minimalist pieces that will not bother you clinging to the clothes to accessories with pendants that will be a crucial feature of your summer outfits.
    • A sophisticated and stylish ankle bracelet is a popular complement to swimsuits and beach outfits. But you can freely use such an accessory for your daily summer looks, except for official ones. Anklets will suit almost any clothes: from relaxed summer dresses and versatile denim shorts to classy cocktail dresses.

    Why Should You Buy Piercing Jewellery in Our Shop?

    The vast selection of nose rings, ear barbells, belly button rings, and ankle bracelets is not the sole advantage of our platform.

    Besides the spectrum of assortment, we pay special attention to the quality of our items. When it comes to buying jewelry for piercing, consider safety. Our shop offers earrings, nose studs, navel accessories, and other body jewelry made from the materials that combine the attractive look, safety, and durability:

    • Sterling silver. An anklet or an ear cuff from this material will give a touch of luxury to your look, but you should keep in mind that using sterling silver accessories for unhealed piercings is not recommended.
    • Stainless steel. If you search for an earring or a piece of nose jewelry that looks nearly as good as a silver one but is more affordable, an accessory made from stainless steel is the right This metal is resistant to scratch and corrosion, which ensures its durability. Unfortunately, it will not suit you if you are allergic to nickel.
    • Surgical steel. This material is similar to stainless steel, but it does not contain nickel, which makes it

    Wish to buy premium-quality body jewelry at attractive prices? Create a login and a password and enjoy shopping on our online platform

  • Bracelets

    A Bracelet ― the Most Versatile Piece of Jewelry

    Bracelets are the most demanded category of items in most jewelry shops.

    People started to wear bracelets about 40–50 000 years ago. The bracelet from chlorastrolite found in Denisova cave provides evidence for this fact. Such accessories enjoyed popularity in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and ancient China.

    As of today, bracelets are also actively used by both women and men. Jewelers and manufacturers create such items using varied materials from precious metals and steel to leather and silicone.

    Also, today, many people actively use IoT smart bracelets made from silicone that can substitute a mobile phone. They are linked to smartphones with the help of Bluetooth and operate due to Javascript apps. That is a must-have accessory for everyone who wants to stay on the trend.

    More to the point, bracelets are also used as sports trophies. For example, the organizers of use designer bracelets as prizes. Such trophies were awarded to Phil Hellmuth, Howard Lederer, and other WSOP’s annual winners. And those symbolic pieces of jewelry obtained by Hellmuth, Lederer, and other champions are treated with immense respect.

    Speaking about the use of bracelets as jewelry, one should note that they are universal accessories that highlight the gracefulness of women's hands and serve as an eye-catching detail to accentuate the impeccable style and taste of the owner. However, as mentioned above, in recent years, bracelets have also won immense popularity among men. Today, every ‘dandy’ has at least a couple of stylish bracelets from metal or leather in his arsenal.

    If you want to make a pleasant surprise to your dear person, you can safely buy an elegant tennis bracelet decorated with crystals or a cute piece with a scarab or other amulet.

    Why Should You Order Bracelets from Our Jewelry Shop?

    Looking through our online jewelry shop catalog, you will see that our online platform can boast a massive assortment of bracelets to fit in every style and wardrobe: from vintage cuffs and glamorous tennis bracelets to understated pieces from leather. In our catalog, you will find items from luxurious and budget-friendly materials, including gold, sterling silver, non-precious metals, leather, diamonds, gemstones, crystals, and beads.

    To be more precise, we offer:

    • Charm bracelets. A charm bracelet inspired by Pandora design is a classic that will add style to any outfit. If you want to have such an accessory, you can either buy a piece with a ready-made design or create a bracelet. In case you choose the second variant, purchase a thin chain bracelet or a bangle and complement it with charms (or pendants) that symbolize some significant moments of your life or just the ones that appeal to you the best. As a result, you will get an exclusive piece of jewelry that will accentuate your personality.
    • Tennis bracelets. Initially, these thin bracelets decorated with diamonds and other jewels were worn by tennis players mainly. They look beautiful but do not constrict the movements during matches. Besides, they come together with reliable clasps. Due to their attractive design, convenience, and versatility, tennis bracelets have managed to become impressively popular with
    • Bangle bracelets. These are delicate pieces in the form of thin hoops, which can be decorated with crystals, scarabs, beads, carvings, or other ornaments. If you want to make such bracelets a crucial detail of your outfit, wear them as a set.
    • Cuff bracelets. Such an accessory can have an ornament, an engraving, and feature a gemstone, a diamond, or a crystal. Indeed, you can wear them in varied combinations in case of thin cuff bracelets that will not overload your look.
    • Bali bracelets. Such accessories in the ethnic style combine intricate design and convenience and quickly become crucial details of your outfit.
    • Silicone wristbands. Rubber wristbands are a perfect choice for sportspeople and people leading an active life. They are soft, light, and flexible, and you can hardly feel their weight on the hand. A silicone bracelet can be decorated with meaningful slogans or with emblems of sports teams.
    • Ankle bracelets. A delicate anklet with colorful beads, shiny crystals, or intricate charms will make your summer outfit look much more stylish.
    In addition to bracelets and anklets, on our website, you can buy a sophisticated necklace, luxurious wedding bands, stylish rings, elegant cuff links, and other jewelry pieces at the prices, which are cheaper than those on Etsy and other websites.

  • Bridal jewelry sets

    Bridal Jewelry — Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings Jewelled with Rhinestones and Crystals

    Bridal jewelry sets are pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings that brides put on on the most solemn and important day of their life. Traditionally, such jewelry is made of gold and platinum and jeweled with diamonds and natural pearls (be it expensive sea or more affordable freshwater stones). Elegant bridal wear, a chick engagement ring of white gold, and a perfectly matching bracelet are necessary to emphasize the luxury and solemnity of the day on which the newlyweds tie the knot of their lives and live happily ever after.

    Anyway, bridal jewelry is not always excessively expensive. In our online shop, you will find a large number of spectacular, dazzling sets of democratic and affordable materials. You can get anything: sterling silver (including gold-plated metal bringing a gentle and unique radiance) or democratic inserts such as cubic zirconia, rhinestones or Swarovski crystals shining as bright as an American diamond.

    Bridal jewelry sets

    Both stylish and elegant yet no less catchy costume jewelry is highly recommended for those brides planning small parties with a limited number of people on a guest list. In our website catalog, you will find a vast selection of unique costume jewelry that will make a perfect match for your wedding dress. These types of bridal jewelry are especially recommended for wedding receptions during which the brides feel more relaxed and comfortable, basking in the atmosphere of love, intimacy, and happiness because they are mostly surrounded by the nearest and dearest and have a chance to spend some calm time with the people sharing similar values, so the bride and the groom do not have to ​​impress and surprise their guest in an extraordinary way.

    Costume Jewelry for Reception and Wedding Gowns

    Searching for a universal neck, finger, or hair adornment that will be equally beautiful and affordable, and perfectly matching with both a wedding dress and a dress for reception dinner can be shockingly challenging. Our online store was created specifically to help all the beautiful ladies solve the most non-trivial problems during the wedding planning process. Our catalog contains types of costume jewelry, the design of which combines elements of the elegant classics inherent in David’s Bridal brand jewelry and notes of bright originality that is a central characteristic of the unique designer tennis bracelets, jewelry rings, pendants and necklaces sold in small online stores on Etsy.

    Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friends, and you want to know why? It is pretty simple — there is so many beautiful and exclusive costume jewelry on our website that you will not even want to dream of an emerald anymore. The incredible beauty of the necklace with filigree lace of foliage or the intricacies of twigs, the dazzling sparkle of crystals, and the dull glow of small pearls are exactly the type of bridal jewelry you wanted, and now you are closer to find the bridal set of your dream.

  • Buddha Jewelry

    Buddha Jewelry — Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings for Yoga and Meditation

    Jewelry is a huge part of your personality and individual style. Classic and modern, elegant and sophisticated, jewelry designed to emphasize its owner’s individuality will become a reflection of your mood and character. Recently, jewelry with the image of religious and mystical symbols is super popular and represents an inextricable connection with the spiritual world.

    Most of the jewelry created in Nepalese and Tibetan styles are not limited to a purely decorative function. It has a deep and symbolic meaning and can be conveyed with certain forms and signs, and the decorative elements often have inscriptions in Tibetan or Sanskrit.

    Buddha Jewelry

    For example, Om () is a Hinduism syllable that first appeared in the Vedic manuscripts and can also be called Pranava Mantra. It consists of curved lines, a point, and a semicircle. The broad lower line is associated with wakefulness while the upper one stands for deep sleep, and the in-between one is a symbol of daydreaming.

    The Buddha image is calming and reminds of the basic principles of Buddhism. There are many ways to practice Buddhism, and Buddha jewelry also has many ritualistic purposes. Buddhas can be endowed with a lot of information, have different meanings, and helps people develop. The image of Buddha embodied in jewelry pieces carries peace, calmness, and tranquility.

    Silver and Metal Jewelry for Meditation and Prayer

    Om mani padme hum is probably one of the most famous mantras in Mahayana Buddhism. This six-syllable mantra of the Bodhisattva translates as ‘Oh! The pearl in the lotus flower!’ The mantra is often associated with Shadakshari, the embodiment of Avalokiteshvara, and has a deep sacred meaning.

    In Hinduism, three sounds in the syllable “Om” (pronounced Aum) personify three states of mind: awakening, slumber, and deep sleep. The whole syllable or the silence that accompanies it is the fourth state, which is interpreted as enlightenment or bliss when a person realizes his identity with the Absolute. Om is also interpreted as a symbol of the divine triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — a creation embodying three levels of existence — earth, paradise, and the underworld.

    Buddha jewelry is a sacred symbol and the embodiment of the divine principle, which personifies the connection between people and nature. It is the one who comprehends the secret of life and death. Traditionally, Buddha is portrayed sitting in the lotus position. Meditating Buddha jewelry is a source of vital energy. It is believed that the symbol brings peace of mind, prevents terrible thoughts, and enlightens people. So the Buddha jewelry and prayer beads are not just exotic adornments but also sources of calm and happiness, and they are suitable for prayer, meditation, and yoga practice.

    This jewelry is highly recommended not only for Buddhists but also for all the people searching for peace and tranquillity. We have items decorated with metal pendants, prayer beads, Japa mala beads, unalome symbols, different jewels, Zen signs, etc. All products are available at affordable prices, and you buy them in a minute after registration or entering your password.

  • Butterfly jewelry

    Why do we like butterfly jewelry that much?

    Butterfly jewelry is a timeless classic, so dear to many women. Necklaces with faux gems, enamel, and beads are included. They come in various shapes and give the owner a feeling of air and weightlessness.

    Butterfly symbolism has had a long history: in many cultures, butterflies are associated with souls. A butterfly is a symbol of growth and transformation; therefore, necklaces, earrings, and pendants with butterflies remind us of this impressive transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis and, eventually, through experience and difficulties — to a butterfly. 

    These bright and colorful insects combine power and delicacy; women would like to associate butterflies with themselves. They symbolize freedom, inspiration, rebirth, value of now without much planning for the future. Also, butterflies remind us of spring and awakening of nature: of the beauty of the moment, of the artistic attractiveness of symmetry, unique wing pattern, and shape.

    Butterfly jewelry

    Butterfly jewelry embodies all these ideas and notions and helps create a tender and stylish look that can match any attire: for a special occasion or casual one. With or without gems and decorations, minimalist or dazzling, anyone can find the one to add to their collection.

    If you are looking for vintage necklaces in cloisonné technique or some sterling silver bracelets with butterflies, you are on the right way: at our shop, you can find many kinds of jewelry with butterflies and dragonflies: rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, pins, and more. 

    How to choose the best butterfly jewelry in the USA?

    Butterflies in jewelry and accessories can be a pleasant purchase for yourself or a lovely gift to your dear person. Your girlfriend, best friend, mom, and sister, will be fascinated to get a crystal or a diamond-style butterfly. Filigree or decorated with enamel, with gems or semi-precious stones, it will make a memorable present.

    We ensure the reasonable prices and unique models that you are not likely to find anywhere, even on the handmade jewelry portals or on Etsy. 

    Butterfly jewelry can be top fashion jewelry, and a butterfly-shaped ring can inspire your beloved one to think of the engagement ring for you. 

    From subtle luxury shapes to fancy costume jewelry, we cover all the demands of our customers. Captivating and adding femininity to every look, butterflies can be a symbol of transformation and beauty, which you can wear daily or leave for some special nights out. 

    Add a touch of symmetry and unity with nature with a stunning necklace with butterflies. Stay romantic and charming with a butterfly-style bracelet. Buy it for a person who goes through challenges or big changes in their lives: for good luck and showcase your support. 

    No matter why you want to buy butterfly jewelry online, we are there to provide the best ratio of quality and price. Check out the catalog and be lucky to find the one you were dreaming about!

  • Cat Jewelry

    Cat Jewelry Symbolism & Spirituality 

    Embrace your friendship with your cat and go online for a cat necklace! Personalized sterling silver jewelry will become a symbol of your relationship with your cat, and it will always be with you in the form of customized accessories.

    Even if you do not have a cat, but still love them regardless of the intolerance to cat hair, a couple of cute cat earrings from our shop will come in neatly. Have you ever seen and touched Bali cat jewelry? A pendant or a bracelet manufactured either from metal or from a natural mineral will make even the most common look more fresh and. 

    Animal welfare is one of the most relevant problems of our days, and stating that you love and ready to protect them through cat jewelry is not bad. Regardless of whether it's a parrot, a dog, or a cute kitten, every pet owner has a chance to demonstrate his appreciation through personalized jewelry at a reasonable price.

    Cat Jewelry

    But today, discussing cats and their impact on human minds, we bestow symbolism on our enigmatic furry friends. Why do people wear cat jewelry nowadays? Why a Thailand brooch or a pin can become a memorable gift for a cat owner?

    Any cat jewelry item, be this a cheap metal pin from Etsy or an exquisite rose gold pendant from a skillful jeweler, has something special and alluring about it. The totem of a cat symbolizes patience and confidence in the acceptance of the unknown. These animals demonstrate the harmony between the observation and the right time for action.

    Why Is Cat Jewelry Still Popular? 

    Probably, the reason is in the underlying pretext. Engagement rings with cat motifs and cat’s eye jewelry, and a fox necklace has specific underlying beliefs behind them.

    Firstly, people wear cat jewelry and cat costume jewelry to emphasize their grace. Cats are mostly used as jewelry motifs by women. Cat necklaces and other jewels that resemble these mystic creatures usually portray delicate and graceful feline representatives’ bodies. We all know how a puma and a tiger and a healthy domestic cat are plastic and charming in motion.

    Secondly, judging by social media analytics, fashion jewelry portraying cats implies that an owner is an independent person who knows how to deal with the social balance.

    Thirdly, a cat is a very stubborn animal. Any seller will tell you that most cat jewelry buyers purchasing rings, necklaces, and cuffs of the brand names, agree that they radiate specific energy that many people find appealing. A ring or a brooch with a cat depiction worn by a person often implies that the owner is even more attractive than he might think.

    Do you know that chrysoberyl cat’s eye accessories are getting back to fashion again?

    If you are interested in buying unconventional jewelry items like the ones produced by David Yurman, welcome to our catalogs. Regular buyers get a personal approach and monthly coupons on sales and lovely giveaways!

  • Chain Necklace

    Chain Necklace as The Best Gift to Friend

    The chain necklace is a small item that will complete your look with gloss. It is an elegant accessory that both women and men enjoy wearing. From classic to contemporary designs, this piece of jewelry will serve as the finishing of any attire. Look among the variety of stunning chain necklaces, chokers, and pendants. Up for a more elegant design? Go for a diamond rivière necklace that will accentuate your beauty. Finish it off with a gold clip-on earrings or filigree ornamented bracelet.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have a wide assortment of jewelry that can fit any age. Young girls can experiment by adding men’s jewelry to their outfit, while men can find a big sterling silver chain to look like celebs in their videos. From niello-like jewelry up to rope-like necklace, everything comes at affordable prices. ETSY, Clarity, Walmart, and many more distributors’ goods you can purchase for with us.

    Beyond that, our store can assist you in the selection. Daily, we try to ensure the clients receive discounts and hot deals for works of jewelers, semi-precious necklaces, or rings with gems. You may opt for stainless steel clasps as delicate details to your complete look. Or choose a silver pendant as a gift for your beloved friend.

    There are semi-precious stones bracelets and necklaces with images of gods or emblems for your specific needs if you are into religion. Finally, if you want to have something exceptional, we have dog-tag chains, that may be a good fit for those who are in military service.

    Chain Necklace

    Chain Necklace — A Remedy for Your Soul

    Chain necklaces in the form of snake are the choice for women who radiate sexuality or those called femme fatale. They come in different colors, and shapes, so you can grab a small gold snake-shaped chain or a big necklace accompanied by bracelets of gemstones. If you are a grave man, a curb chain will complete any attire, especially if you want it made of silver, white gold, or even stylish hand-woven metal.

    What can be more pleasant than presenting a gift to a kid that he will always remember? Earrings, necklaces, or even both, in a gift box. Some clients also pre-order necklaces with initials, where they then write commemorative words. Such gifts are usually maintained with extreme caution and even passed through generations.

    As for exclusivity, it is definitely about torc decolletage chains or massive rings that fit those who are into historic vibes, movies, characters, etc. Or, cable rings that two friends promise to wear until the end of their lives. Nowadays, people prefer having at least one small detail to complete the look, look fresh at parties, or bring more elegance to the evening dress.

    You can always derive inspiration from social media pages where other people post reviews on jewelry. Think about it before buying everything you see, because we understand that gemstones are hard to resist. At Jewelry Ecommerce, we will be happy to help with the selection.

  • Chandelier Earrings

    Chandelier Earrings — Jewelry for The Most Demanding Clients

    Chandelier earrings bear a funny name. Yet, they are very trending in the jewelry market and attract both young and adult people who like adding unusual patterns to their looks. These beauty details can complete any attire or bring some chic features to the most gloomy outfits. Besides, many men like to add them if they are into a hippie-like style. Chandelier earrings are also a choice for bridal events. Whenever you do not know how other jewelry will match the look, these earrings will do it ideally without any “too much” effects.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, find the assortment from ETSY, Pandora,, get boho earrings, beaded, crystal and sterling silver earrings, and many more at affordable prices only. All the products come with a warranty that will deprive you of damages or reparation that with other shops may cost exorbitantly. Ready for savings? Check what else we offer, and you will not resist buying at least simple hoop earrings with us.

    Our team can recommend the latest trends in jewelry fashion. You can choose a filigree or pearl earrings gift for your mother or hoop earrings for your rebel teenage kid. Before ordering with us, please be notified that you may obtain promo codes and vouchers that will help cut the final cost of the earrings alongside significantly lower prices. The coupons are also eligible for any other jewelry. Subscribe to receive the latest hot deals. This summer, we have prepared many tantalizing offers at Jewelry E-commerce.

    Chandelier Earrings

    Unique Chandelier Earrings — You Didn’t Know About Their Existence

    Mjolnir Odin necklaces, Asgard bracelets, rings with thor’s hammer and Loki emblem? Or, jewelry from Bridesmaids movie? Yes, we have such jewelry for you at affordable prices. However, they fit more young people who cannot live without such exclusive details. We offer Indian jewelry made of turquoise or feature art-decor-like details for the elegant look for adult women or even seniors. Otherwise, they can always find such fashion items as scarf jewelry. 

    If your kids do not have pierced ears, they can find attractive clip-on earrings. Beyond that, if the decision was made to have the ears pierced, they should know that hoop earrings are worth such sacrifices, especially if they sit on Instagram and follow their favorite celebrities. Celebs are very keen on such items. 

    Okay, let us move on to the gifts. With our gift cards, the selection becomes even more comfortable. During the checkout, you can discover the cut-price and be very happy to learn that jewelry can be so affordable. The special offers concern the majority of items which then come cheaper— from stud earrings up to men’s necklaces with dog tags.

    And, the icing on the cake, our loyalty program. If you subscribe to our news, you will be among the first to check out our new assortment. We daily add new items from time-proven distributors. You enter our website with login and password, we record your history of search and then generate offers of similar jewelry that may be found interesting to you. Contact us now for more details on chandelier earrings.

  • Charm Bracelets

    A Charm Bracelet ― A Gift that Keeps Good Memories

    Charm bracelets are highly popular accessories inspired by pendant bracelets by Pandora. Such jewelry can be decorated with thematic pendants, beads, crystals, gems and other adornments. They can seamlessly fit in almost any look and style and are not likely to go out of fashion in the near future.

    There are two options available: to buy a ready-made bracelet complimented with a set of pendants or create this accessory. In the second case, you can purchase a thin bracelet, resembling a necklace, or a bangle and pin new pendants to it piece by piece to mark special events. In such a way, you will get a unique accessory, which will be a constant remembrance of your life’s happiest moments.

    Such a piece of jewelry is a versatile present, which will appeal to a woman of any age and profession. You can safely buy it for your mom, wife, girlfriend, and even little daughter. Such a gift will be appropriate on any occasion: from a birthday or a wedding anniversary to Mother’s Day or Valentine's Day. If you want to make a pleasant surprise to your dear woman in celebration of some significant personal event or without any cause, opt for a stylish charm bracelet.

    Indeed, when buying such a piece of jewelry, it is crucial to pay special attention to its design and make the gift personal. Every woman will be pleased with a present that has been chosen especially for her. First of all, you can select an item with an engraving on it. But that is not the only available option. You can find a theme bracelet related to her latest or dream trip or her hobby. Such a gesture will show that your relations are unconventional.

    Why Order Charm Bracelets from Our Jewelry Shop?

    Our fashion jewelry store’s key priority is to provide each customer with a positive shopping experience and offer an optimal quality-to-price ratio.

    On our website, we offer a full range of jewelry: elegant necklaces, exquisite earrings, versatile clip-on earrings, vintage brooches, eye-catching cuff links, varied rings, including beautiful engagement rings, original anklets, as well as bold and intricate pieces for facial and body piercing.

    As to charm bracelets, in our catalog, there is a good selection of beautiful and trendy pieces made from premium-quality rose gold, sterling silver, and steel, offered at the prices that are significantly lower than those at most other online stores, including Etsy. There are charm bracelets to fit every taste from statement pieces with eye-catching pendants to elegant minimalist accessories in our assortment. We can offer you items decorated with intricate pendants, shiny crystals, delicate beads, and sophisticated gemstones. Also, on our website, you can buy bracelets inspired by traditional Indian jewelry. One more popular category is bracelets designed in the vintage style.

    As for the quality of the goods, you can be sure that every bracelet, cuff link, or ring purchased from our website enjoys the top-quality of manufacture and will preserve the original beautiful look for many years.

    Want to buy a sophisticated charm bracelet for your mother`s birthday? Looking for a luxurious ring with a gemstone for your wedding anniversary? Need a pair of new elegant cuff links for yourself to complement your business suit? Whatever piece of jewelry you search for, the best option is to try the services of the online shop Jewelry Ecommerce.

  • Children Jewelry

    Shop Children Jewelry Online, from Bracelets to Sterling Silver Earrings

    A ring or a pair of earrings are real treasures that children cherish, and such jewelry will always be a reminder of the event when it was received. Now the assortment of children's jewelry is almost as vast as what jewelry brands offer for adults. However, choosing accessories for a child is pretty challenging, because you need to think not only about the external performance but also about safety. Children love everything bright and exciting; they are curious about non-trivial forms and creative designs. Children's jewelry is often decorated with enamel, crystals, and semiprecious stones that are ideal for creating eye-catching looks.

    The jewelry from this collection is designed especially for children, to suit their little owners ideally. Every item is bright, with funny design, and looks organically with baby’s clothing, contrary to jewelry products designed for adults. Shop for necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings from our exclusive collection. Our products look funny and cheerful, and they are made from harmless, eco-friendly materials, including gold and platinum, plated sterling silver.

    Children Jewelry

    When choosing rings for little fashionistas, it is worth considering the items’ size, which can be adjusted, since children grow fast and a ring sized to fit will become too small too soon. As for the earrings, they must be light and have no sharp edges. Pendants or necklaces for little princesses should not be massive; it is better to choose small and elegant jewelry that the child will barely feel on their neck.

    Bestselling Jewelry for Kids — Clip-On Earrings, Rings and Pendants with Birthstones

    Jewelry is better to be not only beautiful and of a high-quality, but also symbolic. Gifts presented on the birthday are especially valuable. A child’s first bracelet or a ring should better have a birthstone, be it ruby, amethyst, or even diamond. Such jewelry will become a reflection of the inner world and character traits that appear in children born in different months and of different signs of the zodiac.

    Over time, little girls begin to pay attention to the sparkling jewelry in their mom`s and older girlfriends’ ears. Some mothers pierce the baby’s ears at a very young age; others prefer to wait until the daughter grows up and asks for it. In any case, earrings have become the favorite jewelry for young fashionistas. The main criteria for choosing earrings are their safety: there should be no parts to catch on clothes or toys. Earrings must have a stiff clasp so that the girl cannot lose them. British, French, and clove locks are mostly used in children's jewelry.

    Many moms choose clip-on earrings because they want their children to make an independent decision at a conscious age. Anyway, earring`s weight should not exceed 0.9 oz, so the child does not feel uncomfortable wearing them. Our jewelry will look ideally on your social media feed, so do not hesitate a minute if you want your baby to become a little Instagram star. Our shop accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and many other payment methods. Before buying a product, create an account and a password, and you will be able to place orders and monitor the delivery process.

  • Choker Necklaces

    Unique Choker Phenomenon in Fashion

    A choker is a modern necklace that most women like to wear regardless of the event. This jewelry can be made of an array of both cheap and precious materials, including plastic, beaded, latex, velvet, leather, metal, and of course, of gold, silver, or platinum, and many more. Clients who buy them can also have them adorned with sequins, studs, or a pendant. Choker necklaces were trending a few years ago. However, they are classy even now, if you know how to pair them with clothes and other accessories. Beyond that, there is a stereotype that the choker necklaces are only for teenagers, as they are usually cheap and are hard to pair with the evening dress. It is entirely untrue. Such jewelry could have been found even on the red carpet, especially if it is ornamented with diamonds. Or, you can see them on actresses in movies.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, there are many brands such as Forever 21, ETSY, or customized choker jewelry. Decide on the material, and color of chokers, and have it delivered to your door within a moment. At our catalog, you can find Coachella-style collar necklaces, a binding pendant of many styles, neck chain, and perfectly fit even men who are into this type of style. The price per each jewelry can vary; however, we ensure you access only affordable items that won’t make you throw money down the drain. If needed, we also provide a basket for your precious “remedy” jewelry to protect your goods from damages or other harmful impacts.

    The Engaging Truth About Chokers

    The history of these accessories has hundreds of years dated back. According to many data, choker necklaces have been first used during the Revolution in France. Women used to wear ribbons on their necks in memory of those who fell victims of a guillotine. Another version belongs to Anne Boleyn, who has been portrayed with a choker on her many paintings. She used to wear pearl choker paired alongside pendant.

    Then, one can find several paintings where English Elite has wore a choker, for example, Alexandra, the Wales Princess, wore it just to hide a scar on her neck.

    As for the more modern times, chokers came back in the 1990s, and many celebs started wearing them to the red carpet. Especially, it concerns a tattoo choker typically made of plastic and which is very stretchy. The final coming back is related to 2015 when chokers were ornamented with chains, brass, stripes, jewels, and pearls.

    You can shop for them all at Jewelry Ecommerce. Our store follows the local legislation, and we ensure the highest privacy for customers (even of de-identified ones). Also, we comply with arbitration, class actions, data protection laws, warranties of title and prosecuting, and provide a refund policy within EEA (European economic area) and implied warranties of merchantability contracts and agreements. We have an arbitrator who can be responsible for any litigation processes and can indemnify third-parties. As of now, we have not had any negative precedent that had spoiled our reputation in the jewelry retail market.

  • Christmas Jewelry

    Christmas Jewelry: Festive Days Are Coming

    Christmas jewelry will help you feel the vibes of the upcoming celebration. Besides, a Christmas necklace with complementing earrings can be a perfect present for your mothers, daughters, sisters, and co-workers. Shop for vintage jewelry with us, and do not forget about a festive pin for your kids and pals!

    We offer a wide range of bracelets, Christmas jewelry with beading, magical Etsy necklaces, and snowflake-shaped earrings. A stylish bracelet can also be a beautiful gift for your husband. Crystal beads and rhinestone are returning as Christmas fashion trends. Even if you are not a fan of costume jewelry, you will still have nothing against a colorful reindeer or a Christmas tree pin on your shirt on the eve of the celebration!

    On the verge of Christmas, all social media get stuffed with ads and promotions from and the other popular platforms. Online advertising is one of the most powerful tools for sellers. Hopefully, the abundance of jewelry goods will help anyone find the desired product at the optimal price.

    Christmas Jewelry

    We will help you find a stylish Christmas necklace with a matching ring and a couple of practical earrings. If you plan something special for a celebration or willing to propose on Christmas eve, a Christmas-styled engagement ring will become a memorable present. 

    Check out our catalogs for more jewelry items with ornaments, plating, precious and semiprecious stones, beads, and crystals. Are you looking for a beaded earlobe piercing? Or do you need a fashion jewelry pendant with an enameled Christmas tree on it? We are ready to guide you through this sparkling world of custom and neatly crafted jewelry pieces. 

    Choosing Christmas Jewelry with Us

    Jewelry is one of the most fabulous gift options. But before you pay for another necklace or a piercing for your beloved daughter, make sure you understand the style the person prefers. If you cannot determine it yourself, you might need an experienced fashion specialist or someone who understands the basic style rules.

    If you are looking for something for yourself, but feel like a child in a candy shop without the slightest idea of choosing, contact us for a piece of advice.

    If you are still afraid of dealing with online shopping, even when it comes to the essential costume jewelry, we want to reassure you that our clients are out of danger. Your password and login information and any other data from your personal account are kept safe from scammers. Pick out the desired Christmas brooches, necklaces, rings, and pins and send them to the shopping basket. 

    All financial operations are held via a secure server. You will not be asked to upload any files, and we will not have access to any file or message you keep on our server without your permission. Selling jewelry is a serious business, and we do not mean to harm our clients before they sit at a Christmas table this year together with their families.

    We regularly offer promotions and seasonal coupons. If you are interested in getting a personalized coupon to save money on Christmas shopping, our specialists are there to help. If you subscribe to notifications and newsletters, you will get short messages about cheap Christmas jewelry and the other goods.

  • Clip-on Earrings

    Clip-on Earrings: Enjoy Wearing Earrings without Piercing

    Clip-on earrings are a perfect choice for those who want to complement their look with a pair of stylish earrings but haven't had their ears pierced.

    It is a good option if you plan to get pierced ears but still have some doubts. You can try wearing earrings and find out whether such jewelry will suit your lifestyle and taste. If you are not going to wear such accessories on a daily or frequent basis, there is no specific need to pierce the ears. Besides, one should note that one may face severe problems with piercing, due to sensitive skin.

    Thanks to a wide assortment of clip-on earrings on the market, you can try any kind of earrings without undergoing piercing. You will have as many available options to choose from as women with pierced ears. Stud earrings, hoop earrings, long earrings, earrings with pendants ― there is no need to limit yourself.

    There is one more option available for women without pierced ears. You can wear an ear cuff or a pair of such accessories.

     More to the point, there is no risk that somebody will learn about your little secret. There is almost no difference in design between traditional earrings for pierced ears and clip-on models.

    Also, there is no need to worry about the reliability of the clips. You will not have to continually monitor such earrings to make sure that you do not lose them. You can safely put them on and forget.

    By the way, there are men’s ear clips available on the market as well. To add original detail to the outfit, a man can put on one stud earring or a pair of such jewelry accessories.

    Why Choose Clip-on Earrings from Our Jewelry Shop?

    To start with, one of the most significant advantages of our platform is a large assortment. It will not take you much effort to find the pair of ear clips that will suit your appearance and style perfectly.

    In case you are looking for delicate and elegant accessories for everyday use, opt for small hoop clip-on earrings or stud clips. They can feature diamonds, gemstones or crystals. Glass ear clips inspired by the pieces by Ralph Lauren are also the right choice. On the other hand, if you need to buy a pair of eye-catching earrings to wear to some kind of a special event, pay attention to long ear clips and pieces with pendants. If you want to add spice to your outfit, try putting on just one statement earring instead of a pair.

    You can find luxurious gold diamond ear clips and gemstones, premium vintage earrings with pearls, and more affordable pieces made from sterling silver and non-precious metals in our assortment. They can be adorned with crystals of varied colors, including red, pink, blue, black, and others.

    Besides clip-on earrings, we offer other pieces: necklaces, bracelets, anklets, brooches, pins, cuff links, rings (including wedding and engagement rings), and varied jewelry for body and facial piercing.

    When choosing ear clips, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and other items for our catalog, we pay much attention to quality issues. The perfect quality-to-price ratio characterizes each clip-earring, bracelet, and clasp presented on our website. All the items in our shop are beautiful, safe, durable, and have the price that is lower than that on other online platforms, including eBay, Claire’s, and Etsy. Indeed, when setting our prices, we take into account the MSRP. Also, one should note that the significant part of pieces in our assortment is made in the USA.

  • Cocktail rings

    Where to wear a cocktail ring?

    The question may sound very typical if you are new to wearing statement jewelry for special occasions and are discovering such a great way to add irresistible attractiveness to your outfit with a cocktail ring. Eventually, almost every woman decides to have one, so the most critical questions: when to wear a jewelry cocktail ring, what material to prefer, do these rings have to have real diamonds or gemstones?

    High-quality jewelry is there to be a safer and a more affordable option to precious metals and gems stones: cubic zirconia (CZ), sterling silver, simulated sapphire, emerald, platinum-like, and white-gold-like metals can look as chic and luxurious as gold and many-carat diamonds if you select them matching to your dress. 

    We suggest wearing oversized cocktail rings to the official dinners, large parties, wedding ceremonies, awards ceremonies, and any other top-level occasions — definitely not for breakfast. We have prepared a couple of basic ways to wear large cocktail rings and inspire you to be bold and try a sparkling fashion ring for a Hollywood dramatic look and uniqueness.

    Cocktail rings

    Select the appropriate model from our catalog and pay attention to the metal color and the ring size: there are instructions on measuring your ring size to make sure you order the correct one. Also, we have free shipping for large orders. Check it out. 

    How to choose a suitable cocktail ring for a party?

    There are many suggestions from stylists, gemologists, and fashion icons on social networks and in magazines. If you have a passion for esthetics and beauty, be sure you will manage to choose the best matching model to look gorgeous at any event. Nevertheless, here are a couple of ideas for you:

    • For the image full of mystery, try animal or flower themes, but make sure they match the dress — it is better to have a monochrome one, and that they do not add too much of the idea. For example, animalistic print on the dress with a similar ring may look a bit exaggerated. 
    • For a red carpet style — try a large CZ cocktail ring with 925 sterling silver. It will match a long dress with a décolleté.
    • Vintage speakeasy-style statement rings with amethyst, emerald, citrine, Kashmir sapphire, or precious stone imitation will be just perfect with a little black dress or some vintage dresses of that epoch. 
    • You can wear a cocktail ring on any finger, but having it on the ring finger looks stunning. 
    • If you want to combine a cocktail ring with your engagement ring, it is better to wear them on different hands.

    Lovely and stunning rings from our collection will be a valuable investment in your image for significant events and help you make a vivid fashion statement. A statement ring is also a good present — but only if you are sure the person likes such style and would be glad. 

  • Cuff bracelets

    Cuff bracelets: are they suitable for everyone?

    Why do we love cuff bracelets? 

    The answer is as simple as a day: cuff bracelets, whether made of precious metal, leather, or jewelry, is a stylish accessory able to add some spices to your overall look. They are large enough to catch the attention of the people around and become some kind of style statement. Compare light and thin gold or silver cable and a massive leather or copper item a couple of inches in width — they both can tell a lot about your tastes, preferences, and today’s mood. 

    For example, imagine you create a capsule wardrobe for summer at and search for jewelry to complete the look — according to top stylists, famous in social media. Cuff bracelets will work in pair with your outfit: a dress, a top with jeans or a skirt, creating the mood and showing off your attractiveness.

    Cuff bracelets

    Some say the tradition of wearing this type of accessories comes from sunny and exotic Bali and is associated with Buddha of compassion, Chenrezig and Avalokitesvara, or the idea of torque. Some consider the trend of wearing solid bracelets belongs to Tiffany & Co and then supported by Etsy. We do not know exactly but are assured that cuff bracelets are as popular as engagement rings. 

    You will find a stunning spectrum of styles and shapes crafted in metals or other materials, with different finishes and various colors. Whenever type of a bangle or a cuff bracelet you are searching for, we are ready to offer the options. 

    How to wear cuff bracelets? 

    Cuff bracelets are worth its price, especially if we are talking about jewelry. With or without jewels and gems, made of sterling silver or other materials, such an item can become a smart thing and an instrument to improve the proportions of the arm, accentuate thin, delicate and attractive parts of your body, for example, wrists. 

    How does it work? Horizontal lines can visually split the body or its specific parts, making them shorter. A wide bangle can make the arm look shorter and gentler or solve a short sleeve and express your esthetics. A combination of a bracelet with some other jewelry items can create a creative and nice-looking combination that suits a casual and festive look.

    If you have already made up your mind searching for cuff bracelets advertising, watching reviews on eBay, or searching the website of tiffany & co for inspiration — we suggest that you check out our site, as there are so many options to choose from.

    A variety of designs: from spiritual motifs to tender flowers, from romantic curves to magic animals and sea life creatures — choose the inspirational design that would make you unique. 

    We accept secure online payments with credit cards, provide free shipping to deliver your purchase hassle-free. What is more: our company guarantees free returns for US customers. According to analytics, the pricing for our website’s jewelry is the closest you can find to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Use the benefit of shopping at!

  • Cufflinks

    Cufflinks ― Must-Have Accessories for Any Man

    At first glance, it may seem that cuff links are one of the relics of the past and cannot fit into contemporary menswear. When a man is wearing cufflinks, it proves that he belongs to aristocracy without an RNA-seq test. But such accessories are not meant for gentlemen from the upper-class only. Any man, regardless of his age or profession, needs to have at least one pair of classic cuff links to wear to anniversaries, weddings, and other black-tie events. Such occasions happen with surprising frequency.

    According to the expression profile at, men have worn cuff links since the end of the 19th century; they are a timeless classic, like Dalmore whiskey or Charvet shirts and Paul Vance’s songs. They will never go out of fashion or make your outfit look outdated. On the contrary, they will add a unique charm to your style.

    Classic silver or steel knot cuff links will look appropriate at any kind of a ceremonial event with a morning dress, evening wear, or black tie dress code. Such accessories will make any outfit with a dress shirt with single cuffs or French cuffs elegant, classy, and stylish. However, one can use them to complement formal wear and informal attire alike: from tailcoats and business suits to outfits consisting of shirts paired with classic pants. Today, there is a good selection of cufflinks with modern and creative designs that can be easily combined with everyday shirts as a stylish detail to accentuate individuality. For example, there are cufflinks decorated with flags, sports team emblems, engravings, and other ornaments, and such items will perfectly fit in a wardrobe of a young man that has an eye for stylish accessories.

    Cuff Links ― A Perfect Jewelry Gift for A Man

    A pair of sterling silver or enamel cufflinks with silk knots or other classic ornament packed in an elegant box and maybe complemented with a silk tie is a versatile present for any groom, groomsman, or graduate. But you can safely buy such jewelry on any other occasion, like a birthday or Valentine’s Day. The main point is to ensure that the accessories chosen are characterized by the top quality and suit the man’s taste and style.

    If you are searching for a special present for the dad, husband, son, or friend, turn to our jewelry shop. We offer a vast selection of single- and double-button cufflinks for any occasion. Choose from luxurious silver silk knot models that will seamlessly fit into an elegant outfit with a dinner jacket or a tailcoat. There are also less formal options available: made of enameled steel and decorated with bold creative ornaments, these can be used as an original detail to complement daily looks.

    Since cufflinks are mainly worn on special occasions and serve as one of the crucial details in a man's outfit, they ought to look luxurious. That is why we ensure that each cufflink sent to our customers is made with the use of the premium materials and decorative elements and boasts the stainless quality of manufacture and the ultimate durability. You can be sure that the cufflinks purchased from our shop will look appropriately at any upscale event and will appeal to their future owner.

    And that is complemented by attractive prices that are much lower than those on Etsy or other similar online platforms. You do not have to spend a fortune to look elegant and stylish.

    Go to our catalog and start the search on your own or contact our support team, and we will help you find the cufflinks that will suit your needs and preferences perfectly.

  • Dogs Jewelry

    Dogs & Cats Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver

    Jewelry in the shape of a cat or a dog is not just a cute accessory that you can wear every day. This type of adornment will make a wonderful gift for those who love pets and wants to emphasize their adoration for their pet. Here at our online shop, you will find over 60 bracelets, pendants, charms, rings, and earrings. These original kinds of jewelry in different shapes of pets will perfectly suit a bold person who is not afraid of fashion experiments. Our products are made of sterling silver, copper, precious, and semiprecious stones, so they are affordable and are suitable for those who dig for unique things that do not cost a fortune.

    Our catalog contains non-trivial jewelry, pictures of which are worth posting on your social media. Just imagine how cool it will be when you update your feed and see all the likes and comments, as our jewelry is a little bit out-of-the-way yet super pretty and fashionable. Our main feature is creating inspiring and non-trivial bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings with animal silhouettes, puppies ’paws, etc. We have everything to inspire and surprise people, and our collection is just like on Etsy — funny, lovely, and elegant. It is exactly what our customers love us for, and now it is your turn to try our jewelry on!

    Dogs Jewelry

    Exclusive & Personalized Earring, Rings and Necklaces in Shapes of Dogs and Cats

    No matter which dog club you are in, be it Pembroke Welsh Corgi or American Kennel Club, you will find something special for yourself among the products included in our brand new jewelry collection. All the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants are designed to emphasize trust and affection to your nearest and dearest. Any necklace is perfect for giving your best friend, sister, or even Mom, especially if they like pets and dream of having one.

    Regardless of the type of pet your beloved ones are keen on — we have plenty of super-cute designs, from Airedale terrier necklace made of sterling silver and pink crystals to the gorgeous Poodle brooch decorated with imitated pearls. And if you ever thought of having a Yorkie or even a sheepdog, but your relatives and friends still have no idea, do not hesitate a minute — shop for the cutest and brightest pendants. We can assure you that your closest people will finally take a hint!

    A cute dog or cat engagement ring made of copper or silver and decorated with a pearl or a rhinestone, given on a couple’s special day, is one of the most romantic and lovely presents for showing some puppy love. We highly recommend considering dachshund jewelry. What can be longer and sweeter than a sausage dog? Nothing, so may your love be like a wiener dog making everyone feel the most tender emotions! Furthermore, personalization of products is available, and all you need to make a purchase is create an account and a secure password, then enter payment details and confirm an order. Do not worry, because our reliable service is just like a dog guarding your data!

  • Dragonfly jewelry

    Dragonfly Jewelry Totems Promote Transformation and Adaptability

    Dragonfly jewelry, regardless of whether it is a tiny charm or a necklace, signifies a healthy person ready for challenges and positive alterations in life. A sterling silver charm presented to the best friend is a symbol of natural strength and speed. You can shop for a delicate pendant with a dragonfly or a set of earrings with a bracelet. You can add several necklaces to the online shopping basket and check out for promotions and price reductions on dragonfly charms and other products with dragonflies.

    If you are interested in a meaningful gift at a low price, a dragonfly brooch or a ring is a perfect option. It looks very playful and meaningful at the same time. Native Americans regarded dragonflies as an embodiment of strength, speed, and patience. High-quality brass or crystal brooches with dragonflies sold by Etsy won't cost you much. They can be used as tine complements for the big presents.

    Dragonfly jewelry

    A turquoise ring or a cuff imitating a dragonfly or having its pattern hints at the uniqueness of a person wearing it. The thing is that a dragonfly is a very peculiar insect that does not come through the pupal stage of development. It is only natural for any flying insect to get through all metamorphosis stages, while the dragonfly is missing. Everything starts with the egg, then comes nymph, and a full-grown dragonfly.

    A low-cost charm bracelet you buy from a street vendor in Bali can become a treasured piece of jewelry. Dragonflies represent maturity, the ability to be decisive, and self-controlled.

    Dragonfly Jewelry Items Are for Smart People

    If you are interested in cheap, but high-quality costume jewelry and native American jewelry, we are here to provide you with an extensive range of jewelry options, ethnic necklaces, and vintage earrings. There are items with ethnic patterns, insects, calligraphy, and more. 

    Flies and mosquitoes, as well as dragonflies and butterflies, are prevalent in costume jewelry. They are informal and playful. A necklace or engagement rings with dragonflies often represent the power of light and optical illusion. The wings of a dragonfly are shimmery and appealing. We are the only ones who can decide whether it is better to stay within this colorful illusion or make ourselves work for the better and prominent future.

    As social media say, most people associate a dragonfly with rational nature and reasonable behavior in dangerous situations. These insects have to overcome a lot of natural barriers before they become powerful enough to live. It is born in the water and transforms into a mature insect faster than any other one. Any kind of jewelry with a dragonfly on it will be suitable for a purposeful personality who knows how to stand his ground. 

    Keep in mind that we offer coupons to regular clients, as well as to the new users. To get your coupon, register on the website, and get in touch with one of the staff members. Sign to our newsletters to learn more information about the regular seasonal promotions and discounts for your friends!

  • Ear cuffs

    Ear cuffs for Pierced and Non-Pierced Ears

    Ear cuffs are those accessories that may perfectly fit ladies and gentlemen who do not even have a piercing in their ears. It is such a tricky maneuver for people who want to look stylish but without any needle intervention to their bodies. The ear cuff is a small piece that is perfectly suitable for any style from casual to formal. You will not violate the dress code even with the most old-fashioned clients you have at your job. Many materials are used to make this earring accessory, including Thailand sterling silver, gold, crystal, silver, platinum, and zirconia. Besides, many body parts or ear parts may be worn at such as helix, cartilage, nose, under the lips, etc.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, we ensured to collect the best ear cuffs and other jewelry sets to change your outfit with the accessories. Shop with us for stud earrings, regular earrings, engagement rings, hoop earrings, nose ring, barbell rings, and septum rings. They all come at an affordable price, and we offer tantalizing discounts.

    We have an assortment of children, women, and men. Starting from barbells for young adults, ear cuffs for non-pierced ears for toddlers, and studs earrings with ornaments for a gift to a person of the senior generation. This type of jewelry is a match to any age group, paying capacity, and demanding taste. If you do not know what to choose, please feel free to ask our team.

    Cuffs and Ear Piercing As a Gift

    What about buying a gift for your friend or children? Stud earrings for pierced ears or body piercing may be a good option that won’t make you spend much money. If your children do not have pierced ears, a fake stud earring may fit as well. They will then decide if they want to pierce the ears.

    Besides, you may derive inspiration from social media, where many bloggers share their videos and pictures on ear piercing options and earring jewelry that is trending. The advertising of the jewelry is commonly paid. However, with us, you may access the same high-quality items from ETSY, cuffs in Indian and Asian styles, and ear cuffs made of silver, gold, platinum, and sold at significantly lower prices, compared to many retail companies.

    Another option to find an earring in no time is to go with your friends to any tattoo or beauty salon and make the craziest decision in your life — a piercing. To save money on this activity, you may order jewelry with us, as these saloons typically charge extra for them.

    Finally, if you are going on a date with a girlfriend, such an accessory can add to your style. First off, the girl will not think it something odd, and she will be happy to see that you understand the essential girls` wishes. Furthermore, ear cuffs can make a beautiful small present to add happiness to your partner`s life. Contact Jewelry Ecommerce and access accessories within a moment.

  • Ear Piercing

    Ear Piercing ― the Most Popular Kind of Body Piercing

    Ear piercing is a popular way to accentuate personality.

    The most delicate option is earlobe piercings. While they are a classic, they do not look provocative or attract too much attention, which means that they will easily fit in any office dress code and not cause any workplace problems. Meanwhile, if you want to add spice to your look, you can opt for double earlobe piercings or use a different earring for each earlobe.

    However, note that any kind of ear piercings, including conch, helix, cartilage, tragus and rook piercings, and an industrial piercing, can be easily hidden with the help of smartly chosen haircuts and hairdos. So, one can wear the hair loose during working hours and put all the ear piercings on display when going out after work or at the weekends.

    Another beneficial advantage of ear piercing is that one can enjoy displaying it to the public all year round, except for the cold days when headgear is preferable.

    Besides, earlobe piercings and other ear piercing kinds do not constrict the movements: if you give preference to stud earrings, you will not even have to put them off to practice sports (in most cases).

    As for the ear piercing procedures, they are quick and relatively safe. The main point is to make sure that the ear-piercing instrument is sterile, that will help you avoid varied infections, the pain associated with them, and ensure that pierced ears heal fast and without any problems. There are two options available for instruments used for piercing: a needle and a piercing gun.

    By the way, ear piercings are popular with both women and men. But there is some difference in piercing trends: most men prefer to have one ear pierced decorate with a simple stud or a small hoop earring.

    Do you still have any doubts about pierced ears? If yes, you can try ear jewelry without making any piercing. Start with wearing an ear cuff. In case you see that you do not experience any inconveniences, you can safely schedule an ear piercing procedure. A great alternative to an ear cuff is a pair of clip-on earrings.

    Where to Buy Jewelry and Instruments for Ear Piercings?

    No doubt, when it comes to buying jewelry for piercing, turning to a reliable shop is necessary, since that ensures the proper quality of items and the safety of your health. If you need a barbell, a pair of earrings, or any other kind of accessories for ear piercings, the best variant is to place an order on Jewelry Ecommerce.

    The advantages of our online shop:

    • The large assortment. We can offer you a wide selection of barbells, hoop earrings, stud earrings, ear cuffs, pendant earrings, and other jewelry for ears. There are accessories for different kinds of ear piercings in our assortment: from traditional earlobe piercings to more eye-catching rook or helix ones. Also, in our catalog, there is a full range of ear piercing instruments.
    • The best prices. One can hardly find an online jewelry shop that offers lower rates. However, you can be sure that all the accessories you purchase meet the highest quality and safety standards and last for many years.
    • The excellent service. Our team will make every effort to provide you with a positive shopping experience. Sure, you can count on our customer service specialists to help you choose earrings, barbells, ear cuffs, or an ear piercing instrument that will perfectly suit your needs and budget. Your order will be processed and sent within the shortest reasonable term to start wearing a new accessory without long delays.
    If you want to add new earrings or barbells to your collection of jewelry, be sure to get acquainted with the items presented in our catalog in the first place.

  • Elephant jewelry

    Elephant Jewelry: Let Good Luck Follow You

    You are here to buy another elephant necklace, and you have no idea where to start, right? Regardless of where you shop for jewelry, the price will depend on many issues: quality of metal (gold, sterling silver, or cheap but reliable stainless steel), gemstones, and other additional decorations, size, and many others.

    A pendant with an elephant or a couple of earrings combined with a matching bracelet is perfect if you regard them as a gift with a meaning. When necklaces have thoughtful messages hidden in the symbolism, they become several times as valuable regardless of the materials.

    Elephants are noble animals that have been long considered fortunate. They bring luck, judging by the opinion of many people belonging to different confessions. Bracelets with elephants are great presents for people you want to wish luck to and support in hard times.

    Even if you know you are powerful enough to face the problems, a regular, cheap Thai jewelry with elephants, or Ganesh jewelry from India will reinforce you. Charms and engagement rings, portraying these noble animals will bring you peace and help you stay concentrated on good things.

    Elephant jewelry

    The best and most popular custom elephant pendants, charms, and necklaces come from India and Thailand. Indian jewelry and Thai amulets are made of all kinds of metal, including brass. Etsy catalog is full of high-quality ethnic jewelry and dishware with elephant ornaments.

    A tiny Ganesh charm does not only come with an ornament, but has crystal elements, beads, and gems in it.

    Superstitions Concerning Elephant Jewelry

     While you are searching for a reasonable price and adding the goods to the online shopping basket, do not forget to pay attention to the fact that we offer regular discounts on silver and gold ethnic jewelry. There’s no need to buy a cheaper product for your nearest and dearest if you can cut corners with our help.

    An elephant pendant is more a piece of symbolic costume jewelry rather than fashion jewelry. Buying a ring, a bracelet, or a piece of tableware depicting the elephant is connected with numerous superstitions among people.

    Some people strongly believe that the elephant images brings patience and calmness to the household. This animal is also considered sacred because it brings fertility. 

    The Republican Party of the United States of America uses the elephant as a sort of mascot to emphasize stability, honor, and trust in the social media of the country.

    One of the most common superstitions concerning the elephant symbol in jewelry is that its trunk should always be upwards. Only in this case, your elephant charm will work for good luck and fortune. When the trunk of the elephant is downwards, it's a symbol of mourning.

    The elephant rings and bracelets we offer here will be satisfying for the majority of the customers. There are options with precious stones and gems and the cheap elephant jewelry of top-notch quality. 

    We also want to note that we work through a secure server, and you should not be afraid of losing your money or personal information. Your safety is our central concern.

  • Evil eye jewelry

    Evil Eye Jewelry: a precious gift to yourself and your loved ones

    Evil eye jewelry has a thousand-year history and came to us from Ancient Greece. Today, the evil eye is considered to have a Turkish origin (göz) and is extremely popular worldwide. Like Italian talisman Carnicelli or phallic charms, evil eye in the form of hamsa or Fatima’s hands or a famous eye Nazar boncuğu, also known as nazarlik, Evil Eye jewelry is believed to keep negative energy away. We have no idea if it works and the mechanism and can only suppose from the historical evidence: it has been a religious symbol since ancient times. It appears to present in multiple cultures and blended in with superstition.

    Aside from the evil eye’s magic qualities, it is esthetically pleasing and a stylish and attractive motif for any kind of jewelry. Evil eye necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are eye-catching indeed. Of gold color or made of sterling silver, with beads or crystals, evil eye (or mal de Ojo) items are a talisman because people like them were very often used to them so much that they can’t imagine the daily routine with this small protection thing. 


    Many celebrities, including royals, wear evil eye jewelry — maybe because of the protective power, possibly due to other reasons. However, this style in silver remains popular for many decades. Buri Nazar evil eye jewelry is a great gift for people, to whom you want to express your loving care. Evil eye

    How to wear evil eye jewelry?

    You can combine a stylish look with protection from negative energies from the outside, misfortune, curse, and aggressiveness with evil eye jewelry:

    • There are nicely crafted bracelets with enamel or crystal, having an evil-eye-shaped decoration. Usually, they are blue, but they may not be the primary color or monochrome.
    • You can wear an evil eye on your chest — try necklaces or pendants depending on how large or vice versa — how subtle you want your protective jewelry to be.
    • Charms for bracelets can barely be visible to strangers. Shaped like a small bead, the evil eye charm will be secret protection.
    • Evil eye rings are also exceedingly popular — both small and large statement ones. 

    Now when you know how to wear the evil eye jewelry, it is the best time to choose the proper options and use its properties or enjoy the captivating look of the selection at the affordable prices with free shipping. 

    Reveal your spiritual power and give you intuition to protect you and take care of your energy flows. You can order evil eye jewelry for your friends or relatives — they will highly appreciate such a present because it shows your care, involvement, and love. 

  • Flower Jewelry

    Shop Sterling Silver Flower Jewelry — Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, and Pendants

    Jewelry items are the final touch to the image of a woman. They are not only a beautiful addition to the look of a person but often are a symbolic thing that can tell a lot about its owner. Each lady chooses jewelry for herself, listening to her heart, and sometimes accessories reflect all the hidden desires, goals, and hopes of a person. Jewelry with flowers has a deep meaning that traces its roots in the Medieval Ages.

    A girl’s best friends are not diamonds, contrary to popular belief. The best friends in many cultures at any time were flowers. Since ancient times, girls have adorned their hair, woven wreaths, hung flower garlands around their necks. The floral trend in jewelry has existed at all times. Many ages ago, young beauties worldwide adorned their hair and clothes with flowers that emphasized their innocence, tenderness, femininity, and passionate nature.

    Flower Jewelry

    It does not matter how beautiful a flower can be, the time of its beauty is limited to only a few days, and sometimes even hours. Thus, girls and women stopped using fresh flowers as decorations, replacing them with artificial accessories with floral motifs. You will find almost 200 types of jewelry in our online shop, including pendants, necklaces, earrings, and engagement rings made of sterling silver, semiprecious stones, resin, and metal.

    Roses, Sunflowers, and Daisies Embodied in Metal

    Our flower-shaped jewelry and filigree metal accessories will make an excellent gift for anybody who adores the gentle beauty of wild and garden flowers along with exclusive DIY-styles and designs similar to the most trending items on Etsy. Modern materials make it possible to achieve a striking degree of similarity of jewelry with flowers, which from year to year, makes it the primary trend of the spring-summer season. The floral pattern in jewelry is imperishable thanks to its versatility. Floral jewelry perfectly fits any clothing style, allows you to look stunning in any situation, and bring a little spring warmth and joy to the look even on a cold winter day.

    Furthermore, each flower has a special meaning. For example, daisies have been considered the symbol of knights and noble maidens since the Middle Ages. They emphasized purity, fidelity, devotion, and sensuality. Sunflowers are associated with sunny summer days, happiness, joy, and fun. Roses from time immemorial symbolize passion and boundless love, so an engagement ring with a decor in the form of a scarlet bud will become a desired gift for any girl. It will emphasize the strength of your feelings for your beloved one.

    We offer jewelry at a reasonable price, thanks to the manufacturers’ direct delivery and minimal advertising. We also deliver right at your doorstep. To place an order, you need to create an account, add products to the basket, enter credit card details, and confirm the order. Now, you just need to wait for about two to five days.

  • Goth Jewelry

    Goth Jewelry: Reveal Your Dark Self

    Expressing yourself through jewelry is one of the simplest things of self-affirmation. A dark gothic necklace with black lace elements, leather straps, and full metal decorative elements creates a unique flair and mood. You can shop for goth earrings here, as well as for the other jewelry items. A choker, a pendant, or a skull bracelet will reveal your mood and demonstrate your unique style.

    If it is not the first time you buy goth jewelry from Etsy or any other platforms for the artistic people, you will have no trouble picking out another stainless steel charm or a clasp in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration style. We have Halloween costume jewelry, as well as the items made of sterling silver. Rings, cufflinks, and necklaces we sell are manufactured in line with high-quality standards and made of safe materials.

    Do not forget about your friends and relatives interested in punk and goth accessories. A devoted fan of medieval settings, goth arts, and music, will be fond of your desire to support their interest.

    Goth Jewelry

    Goth culture itself is not that old — it appeared a little over 50 years ago with the enormous popularity of vampire aesthetics. People who identify themselves as representatives of Goth culture stick to anything creating a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The prevailing metal options are silver and stainless steel (as an advanced option). Yellow metals are unacceptable here, as well as pastel colors. A goth ring or a bracelet is generally crafted using leather, lace, and white metals.

    Besides, goth jewelry is often manufactured with the use of semiprecious stones in silver metal framing. Accents of red are also acceptable.

    Choosing Goth Jewelry: Things to Remember

    The primary standards promoted through the social media about the goth jewelry imply the following: complementing the overall look with piercings, emphasizing the rings (full-finger and phalanx gothic rings are highly popular), and massive bracelets.

    The design may be different, as well as the price. Ensure the ear cuff that you plan as a gift complies with a specific type of gothic culture. Is your friend interested in the BDSM setting, or is his jewelry elegant like the one worn by antique goths? If your friend is a Trad Goth, he might love wearing long hair, fishnets, and a lot of leather. These goths will adore massive full-metal and leather bracelets. 

    Among the most famous gothic pendants and even tattoos is ouroboros. It is an ancient gothic symbol of eternity, depicting a snake swallowing its tail. 

    A person interested in alchemy and medieval culture will also show interest in witchcraft and Wicca symbols. Wicca is a particular type of Gothic culture combining witchcraft practices and unity with the natural world and its laws. In the middle of the 20th century, Wicca symbols included geometric jewelry pieces and natural objects like the stars, the moon, feathers, and animal skulls.

    Visit our decora jewelry section to find the finest accessories and jewelry items for your kids in the kawaii style.

    Register on the website to get regular notifications about the price reductions on goth jewelry, and don't forget to tell your friends about us. Make sure to create a safe password so that your account is protected. Our analytics prove that we operate via a secure server to let you shop for goth jewelry, knowing that you are safe from financial issues and identity theft.

  • Halloween jewelry

    Halloween Jewelry: Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    Halloween jewelry does not have to be exquisite and sophisticated. Halloween jewelry is about having fun in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas cartoon! You can opt for more traditional jewelry options with skulls and skeleton patterns. Even a trivial spider pendant will do. The most common objects, animals, and characters used as the basic inspiring images for the Halloween jewelry products are skulls, bones, pumpkins, witch hats, gremlins, handcuffs with long rusty chains, black cats, black magic books, bats, ravens, and more. 

    Here, you can shop for earrings, bracelets, chains, and additional jewelry accessories to complement your bat and witch costumes. If you have no idea what your look can be based, start with a visit to the local thrift store and pay special attention to the vintage garments, and worn-our costume jewelry. You’ll be impressed with the charm of the restored vintage accessories. 

    As soon as you make up your mind about your overall look, go online, and get inspired by such web resources as Etsy. It is a community of talented people. Their custom jewelry sets and unique samples do not need online advertising. The customers regularly use the website, thanks to the conventional working system of notifications about available coupons and seasonal price reductions.

    Halloween jewelry

    Pumpkin brooches, engagement rings, bracelets, everyday rings, and cufflinks inspired by Halloween’s spirit make the trick-or-treating process more enjoyable. Hunting for sweets wearing costumes and exquisite jewelry makes the whole celebration more festive and memorable. Skull necklaces can also be worn as punk and steampunk accessories in your everyday life.

    Buying Halloween Jewelry on Safe Websites

    Any online business should be safe for internet users with basic knowledge of the way online shopping works. When an elderly adult woman is willing to purchase a bracelet, a necklace, or any other jewelry item for her or her relatives and friends, she should feel safe and secure about the whole checkout procedure. 

    The search engines can help find the best online stores of costume jewelry for Halloween, but Christmas, engagement, and anniversary. Jewelry made of resin, stainless steel rings, necklaces with metal and crystal beads, and numerous jewelry items is available here. You can find out more about us through social media and networks.

    Every ear cuff we sell and every ring in the catalog are made up of safe materials. If you need information about the maintenance of your baby bat earrings made of sterling silver, just get in touch with one of the chat’s online staff members.

    Our jewelry price range is extensive, and finding the best option is a question of a couple of clicks. Sign up to our regular newsletters to share in the most relevant information on the Halloween jewelry. We are not selling ads and never deal with aggressive marketing. We only want each of our clients to get a deserved coupon or a massive discount. Your jewelry will be packed appropriately to ensure that you get everything in perfect condition. We're patiently waiting for your orders. Happy Halloween!

  • Hoop Earrings

    Hoop Earrings ― an Accessory to Fit in Any Style

    To buy a pair of hoop earrings is always a good idea. They are a must-have for any girl or woman with pierced ears, and, if you still do not have such accessories in your collection, it is high time to buy at least one pair.

    Why are earrings in the form of hoops so popular? First of all, they are a classic, which means that they will never go out of fashion and always look trendy. Secondly, they suit all the face shapes, haircuts, and facial features. Thirdly, due to a vast selection of models, any woman, regardless of age, appearance, or social status, can easily find an ideal pair of hoop earrings.

    What kind of hoop earrings to choose?

    • Small hoop earrings (or huggie hoop earrings). They are ideal for everyday wear. They do not cling to clothes or hair and do not constrict one’s movements. Classic hoop earrings designed in the understated style will easily fit into any work dress code and seamlessly suit any casual set of clothes. However, if you are searching for something more catchy, pay attention to pieces complemented with crystals.
    • Medium or big thin minimalist models. Such jewelry items are mostly universal, but you had better avoid wearing them to the office if the dress code is strict. You can wear them with any hairdo. If you want to shift the focus to the accessories and make your neck seem slender and more prolonged, make a ponytail. If you do not want to attract too much attention to these accessories, wear them with loose hair.
    • Massive pieces. You can wear them daily if they fit in the dress code of your office. But keep in mind that such accessories suit women with massive facial features in the first place.
    • Fantasy items. Sure, if you are searching for something more vivid to wear on special occasions, like dates or parties, you can safely opt for earrings decorated with pendants or colorful crystals. Such jewelry will play a key role in your outfit, so ensure that you do not wear too many bright and catchy accessories or clothes.

    Where to Buy Hoop Earrings at the Best Price?

    If you are searching for the most profitable offers on hoop earrings, turn to our fashion jewelry shop. In our catalog, you will see beautiful and trendy earrings at the much more attractive prices than those at most online jewelry stores. We strictly stick to the MSRPs.

    Indeed, we pay much attention to the assortment of our shop, and we offer hoop earrings for every occasion: from delicate items in the minimalist style for the everyday to statement pieces complemented with vivid pendants or adorned with catchy shiny crystals. There are affordable pieces from metal, steel, sterling silver, and luxurious items from gold decorated with diamonds on our website.

    Our shop’s items compete with accessories from world-famous brands like Forever 21 in quality and durability but go at much lower prices.

    It is noteworthy that the sizes on our website are in inches.

    No doubt, using our platform, you can count on the security of your privacy and personal information, like your telephone number or address. We will provide the proper data protection. As for cookies and other tracking technologies, they gather and process the de-identified information only.

    We carefully check the reputation and reliability of all the manufacturers and the quality of their goods. However, contracts signed indemnify our company from any direct or implied warranties of merchantability and any liability for damages. Please, turn to the manufacturer for indemnification for your expenses on remedies and healthcare services and other losses, if necessary. To avoid creating any adverse precedents, we sign an arbitration agreement and a hold harmless agreement with every producer. Therefore, we disclaim any responsibility to join any litigation or arbitration processes as a litigating party, should any conflicts occur between a manufacturer and a customer (including class actions) that require an arbitrator`s involvement.

    Indeed, our company strictly abides by the law, including the warranties of title and copyright norms and standards. Also, we follow the binding rules that are in force in the European Economic Area (EEA).

    To buy hoop earrings or any other kind of jewelry on the most beneficial terms, create an account on our website and go to our catalog. To order an item, add it to the basket.

  • Infinity Jewelry

    Infinity Jewelry — Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces Made of Sterling Silver

    The symbol of infinity has its special meaning for each person. It is a symbol of eternal love for some people, while it means being best friends forever for others. No matter the personal meaning, bracelets, rings, and other adornments of the Infinity Jewelry Collection will be an excellent gift for your nearest and dearest.

    This jewelry is made of sterling silver and also decorated with different types of gems and rhinestones. These adornments magically combine pure beauty, bright originality, unusual designs, and restrained elegance. While these bracelets and rings look kind of untypical, they are perfect for your everyday outfits, be it a romantic look for a date night or a graceful business suit.

    Anytime you search for something special, look at our jewelry decorated with different interpretations of a universal, world-famous math symbol. The catalog contains a variety of jewelry that not only mathematicians and analysts will like. Girls who have a passion for mysterious and ambiguous symbols will appreciate the presented products’ beauty and polysemy.

    Infinity Jewelry

    It does not matter whether you dream of eternal life or endless love, jewelry made of metal, leather, semiprecious stones, and crystals will undoubtedly inspire you and make you meet your desires, achieve your goals and remember that the most important of all the infinite in your life should be your belief in yourself that makes you continuously improve.

    Sterling Silver Infinity Symbol Rings and Bracelets for a Good Price

    This sterling silver jewelry may not be made of gold and diamonds, but it is reasonable and nevertheless beautiful. All these adornments for necks and fingers, wristlets, and ankles are made of noble metal and jeweled with different types of semiprecious stones, crystals, and rhinestones. They shine brightly and look ideally, so you can wear these anklets and bracelets with the most elegant dresses — their simplicity and discreet grace will catch their adoring eyes.

    The mathematical infinity concept embodied in precious metal is eye-catching, making our pendants, rings, and necklaces super instagramable. Our beloved customers regularly share the Infinity Jewelry images on their social media and get only positive feedback from their subscribers, who want to know where to find and how to shop all these pretty things. If you are one of those who wish to shine wearing affordable yet exclusive adornment, you are in the right place. Our jewelers are infinitely creating something special for our precious clients, and everything on our catalog is like on Etsy — rare, unique, and inexpensive.

    For those who dig for exclusive things, there are lots of jewelry with décor in the shape of a knot associated with macramé. Such rings, pendants, and bracelets can also be symbols of infinity and eternity, so you can buy them as gifts for your dearest friends, loved ones, and even brides-to-be with whom you are going ‘tie the knot’.

  • Inspirational Jewelry

    Inspirational Jewelry and Talismans, from Hamsa Pendants to Mantra Bangles

    Presenting jewelry with a profound meaning is a particular pleasure. A luxurious combination of gems and crystals with Tibetan mantras, prayer beads, the hand of Fatima pendants, and ethnic talismans is the main feature of our exclusive collection. The jewelry is perfect for meditation and yoga practice. Our designers added some philosophical traditions to the non-trivial pendants, bracelets, and earrings because they genuinely believe that inspirational jewelry is significant that makes us feel special. We do not always understand its full meaning, but if jewelry made us feel better, we could find a special meaning touching our hearts. Motivating charms and rings embody essential concepts, such as awareness, enjoyment, independence, the joy of self-realization, and empathy.

    The catalog of our ecommerce resents inspirational jewelry that you can present to close friends, lovers, and parents. These adornments will become a silent expression of love, gratitude, and devotion. Such jewelry will reflect your feelings, and you can put a unique meaning in every item, depending on your personal story. 

    Inspirational Jewelry

    Exquisite rings, bracelets, original pendants, and charms are created to give joy and fill with positive emotions. They are complemented by various encouraging inscriptions and are also suitable for personalization — you can decorate them with an inspirational inscription, parting words, or a wish that will remind your nearest and dearest of warm moments of life and even develop achievement motivation.

    Talismans and Amulets Made of Sterling Silver

    An exclusive collection of inspirational jewelry includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings made of sterling silver and different semiprecious stones. Among the products presented, be it a Hamsa pendant or a charm in an elephant’s shape, symbolizing moderation, compassion, and eternity. In India, the white elephant is considered Ganesha’s incarnation — the god with the elephant’s head, the god of wisdom, happiness, and literature. It also symbolizes the taming of passions, since Ganesha holds his trunk in his hand.

    A variety of earrings and silver pins will make excellent talismans that will protect their owners from life troubles, unbearable difficulties, and bad emotions. Such jewelry is suitable for adults and especially for children since silver pins have been kept as close to the child as possible for ages. They were pinned to bedding or a pillow to protect the baby from everything bad that can be encountered in our world.

    In the form of a filled basket, adornment can also bring happiness, joy, and tranquility to its owner. Such jewelry symbolizes the ability to overcome any challenging situations as you go towards a better life, so such jewelry will inspire its owner to make new achievements and important steps. Jewelry can be purchased after passing authentication. Create an account and a password, then add products to the cart. Now enter payment details and confirm an order. Here it goes — you just need to wait until it is delivered at your doorstep.

  • Leverback earrings

    Leverback earrings: combining style with security and comfort

    Leverback earrings are a striking compromise between elegant look and safety measures thanks to a convenient closing clasp. Almost every woman with pierced ears has at least a pair of such earrings, with or without gemstones. 

    Leverback style naturally emphasizes the tenderness of female features and the beauty of the facial contour without compromising practical comfort at the same time. Made of top-quality metals and materials, leverback earrings at Bling Jewelry shop will be your number one accessory. Unlike cheap jewelry, our website’s items are made of genuine 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, or cubic zirconia, durable and reliable materials and alloys safe for everyday use. They are easy to take care of and will never leave disappointing rust traces on your skin. 

    Coming decorated with emeralds, synthetic diamonds, amethyst, citrine, and other gemstones, leverback earrings can offer significant personalization despite their quite simple shape. You can select your dream earrings from the abundance of designs, including hearts, snowflakes, teardrops, leaves, feathers, filigree images, sea themes, etc. They come in various materials and with different shells, gemstones, chalcedony, turquoise. Just as well you can select from a variety of shapes: rounded, drop-shaped, rectangular, oval to match the shape of your face and highlight your natural attraction. 

    Leverback earrings

    How to wear leverback earrings?

    • You can wear hanging leverback earrings with a necklace for the official look — this pair of jewelry looks good on women of any age. 
    • Brides prefer these earrings because they look fantastic with a neat updo hairstyle. 
    • Like hoop earrings, leverback earrings can be worn daily; they can be combined with engagement rings or wedding bands, pendants or bracelets. 
    • Leverback earrings that are modest without too much sparkle are suitable for office work. 
    • Sophisticated hanging earrings with gems are created for festive occasions, parties, anniversary dinners, etc.
    • The gemstone color can match the outfit or become an accent matching your complexion, hair color, and the contrast of your appearance. 
    • Light-haired women with the pale skin of cold shades can choose sterling silver earrings and blue, light pink or white CZ.
    • Dark-haired women with brown skin and the prevalence of warm shades in their appearance can wear golden leverback earrings, with yellowish buds or citrine gems. Such combination will better match the complexion and help them look fresher and shinier. 
    • Make sure the size of the earrings fits your facial traits: women with broader features can build a harmonious look wearing larger leverback earrings, while women with smaller facial characteristics will benefit from smaller and more delicate ones. 

    Leverback earrings, like many other jewelry options, can be a desired gift for your darlings. Take a closer look at our website’s collection: we offer free shipping for most orders and a free refund for customers living within the United States. 

  • Men’s Jewelry

    Men’s Jewelry For Casual and Formal Occasions

    Men’s jewelry includes many combinations one may wear regardless of occasions. It concerns men’s necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and cufflinks. Usually, men limit their choice of chains made of stainless steel or sterling silver or related to religion. However, there is a ton of other jewelry made of leather, gold, diamond, or featuring precious stones that will fit daily attire or costume for parties. Lately, the men’s assortment encompassed vintage rings and bracelets that may have a deeper meaning, for example, remind about a particular place or person. 

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have collected the best men’s jewelry that corresponds to the latest fashion. You may find a gift for your friends or relatives or choose items for your daily use. The average price at our store varies between $20–$40. However, during the sales days, the prices go down significantly. Decide on the material for your jewelry, color, shape, size, and filter the search using the convenient search bar.

    Beyond that, we are pleased to offer pendants designed in every theme. Find religious medals, necklaces or rings, or go for dog tags that are trending every year regardless of the current fashion. A dog-tag necklace will perfectly fit military men who serve alongside the dogs. Besides, you may find a necklace where you may add initials or name to convert it into a personalized gift. The assortment is vast.

    Men’s Jewelry

    Precious Gem Jewelry at Affordable Prices

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, you can grab a box or basket for your items for at-home storage so that they will be protected from any damage. Beyond that, it is worth saying that our store has many items from major distributors of jewelry, including ETSY,, Clarity, etc.

    A steel or signet ring is available at $10–$15 only, while a tungsten ring or diamond ring may be found with a cut-price during the discount days. Finally, if you want to make a valuable present to a kid, a small finger ring with ornaments or his or her initials will amaze their friends.

    Getting ready for the black-tie event? A golden cufflink or ring will complete the look and add some gloss without “too much” effect. Check the social media feed such as on Facebook or Instagram, derive inspiration from the actual trends in jewelry, and visit our store to finalize your cravings for precious gems. 

    Upon registering a login and password, the search and check-out will become much more comfortable, as your orders are stored, and you may check the delivery timing. Once we started the shipping, your jewelry will be right at your door within days. 

    Note that we provide clients only with high-quality gems made of sustainable materials. We check them for safety and longevity. They will not cause any allergy or ruin your day. To make you safe even more, we have a warranty for all the products. Contact us now to learn more about hot deals or discounted items for men.

  • Men’s Necklaces

    The Best Men’s Necklaces at Cheaper Prices

    You are probably aware that many male celebrities are keen on wearing necklaces. They usually choose leather, jade materials, beads, chains, a rosary stainless steel, a sterling silver chain, and gold ornaments. It is no more extraordinary, and you can shop for a necklace with precious stones as a present to your friend, a beloved one, or even a father. It is fashionable jewelry that comes at an affordable price. Beyond that, we offer specialty jewelry items, such as those with a dog tag, if you want to honor the memory of your pet.

    Dog tags or necklaces with a pendant are very trending, and you can even purchase one for your dog. It protects you from any hassles when you need to prove it is your pet.

    Our men’s’ collection is enormous for any taste and paying capacity. Find a bracelet, cufflinks, mala necklaces, ring, prayer beads, an engagement ring that all will be matched with ordinary necklaces. You can also buy Japa mala necklace for a car, as some believe it can bring peace of mind, or you can just use it for meditations and mantra.

    At Jewelry eCommerce, there are all chances to find the jewelry to your taste. Choose the material, brands such as ETSY or TAXCO, and decide whether you want dog tag or costume jewelry with customized ornaments matching your style and mood. Significantly lower prices than in any other online store, you get only with us.

    How to Find the Best Men’s Necklaces?

    You can refer to social media feed, such as on Instagram or Facebook; you can derive inspiration from how celebrities tend to match these necklaces with other jewelry or prints in clothes. After you have a basic idea of what you want, decide what ornaments or precious gems should be present in a necklace. At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have picked famous jewelers’ best works, including bezels works and famous Clarity Necklaces made of rose gold, gold, silver quarts that all represent the clarity. You can shop for them alone or finish the shopping experience by adding to the cart also Indonesia men’s bracelets, ring, and v-neck accessories that will only emphasize the beauty of the necklace. As for the ring, find engagement rings or just stylish plain ring to complete the suit for a night-out your partner or friend will enjoy wearing.

    The best-selling men’s necklaces in Jewelry Ecommerce are Gold-tone stainless steel chain and massive mariner anchor link chain. They perfectly fit a person of the older generation who also likes to add stylish elements to their looks.

    Finally, with our assortment, you will not worry about the quality. Men’s necklaces presented in our catalog are of high-quality and will serve men for long years. They are made of natural materials and feature precious gems. Or else, we offer jewelry without any expensive elements if you just want to find a simple chain for everyday use. Feel free to contact us for more details.

  • Mens leather bracelets

    Leather Bracelets with Stainless Steel Dog Tags and Sterling Silver Elements

    The very first men's bracelets were made of leather, tusks, and animal fangs. Thousands of years ago, along with necklaces, they were considered attributes of courageous, strong warriors, skillful shamans, and also functioned as talismans. Anyway, bracelets nowadays have become an essential part of an outfit. These accessories easily add an elegant touch, individuality, and even some sophistication to any look.

    A bracelet is a stylish men's accessory worn on the wrist. Its history traces back in the times of Ancient Egypt. Then bracelets or a necklace made of silver or genuine leather were worn by both men and women. It was believed that they protected their owners from evil spirits, strengthened health, and increased strength. These accessories were popular in the Middle Ages, but those were made of silver and gold. In the 21st century, many men prefer to wear bracelets nonstop without taking it off. Like any accessory, a bracelet is a way of self-expression; it reflects your sense of taste and style; therefore, everyone should shop for bracelets responsibly.

    Mens leather bracelets

    Relaxed, laid-back, and playful bracelets are jewelry that every man can wear without hesitation. Bracelets are different; they can be worn every day or on a special occasion, and wearing them is the easiest way to stand out. Our jewelers have designed the coolest ones made of stainless steel and braided leather, decorated with studs, beads, and even dog tags.

    A Braided Bracelet or a Silver Cuff — Shop Any Bracelet for the Best Price

    Modern men's fashion bracelets are made of different materials, both natural and synthetic. As mentioned earlier, bracelets made of steel, leather, or stone beads are trending now. It makes sense to invest in a quality bracelet or a cuff, provided that you wear them every day. Anyhow, try not focusing on high prices, because cheaper jewelry can also be cool.

    Leather bracelets can be quite brutal because animal skin is one of the first materials that people began to use. Therefore, such products convey true masculinity and strength. They go well with a wide variety of clothes. Additionally, leather bracelets can be decorated with silver or metal inserts, including dog tags, rivets, or spikes. For office suits, it is better to choose classic jewelry that perfectly matches your smartwatches. A colorful wristband is suitable for sports and casual outfits, just make sure that such a bracelet is too thick and heavy.

    If you prefer a business style of clothing and plan to wear a bracelet under the sleeve of a shirt, sweater, or jacket, choose a model that fits your wrist tightly. Popular Shamballa bracelets from Thailand and Bali are recommended for informal styles, and you can easily find them among 32 products available on our website. Just like or Etsy, we guarantee fair trade and use a secure server to accept online payment. Our prices are even lower thanks to the fewer advertising on the Internet and TV — create an account or enter a password to start shopping!

  • Rose Gold Jewelries

    Rose Gold Jewelries: how to choose

    You have that beautiful type of appearance that traits are highlighted not by yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver, but by the captivating sparkles of rose gold earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets. The price for jewelry metal is lower than for original rose gold or diamonds, so rose gold jewelry can be an excellent gift for yourself, your friend, or family member. 

    Many beautiful decorations and combinations may contain gold items: they look charming and luxurious with the elements made of white gold or silver. They can be most likely combined with silver or other types of non-precious metals — it is up to you to choose. Our online-store will strike your imagination and the feeling of esthetics by the expanded choice of jewelry and accessories.

    Rose gold rings make fingers and hands look younger and fresher if the metal matches with your skin color. Also, make sure you match the jewelry items with your clothing and see the standard colors or shades. When choosing rose gold jewelry with gems — pay attention to the contract. If your appearance is mild and delicate, choose pearls or stones that are of the same intensity as the metal. If your appearance is contrast and vivid — you can safely experiment with the bolder options, like combinations of rose gold with red, green, or blue gems. All of these options are available on this website page. 

    Rose Gold Jewelries

    Rose Gold Jewelry: where to buy online

    Here, you can check out, select, and buy a wide variety of rose gold jewelry: with gems or without, with pearls, and in a combo with other types of golden metal. Just scroll down the page to see what we prepared for you. We know there are so many rose gold fans, but the price for the precious metal is quite high; this is why we offer top-quality rose gold jewelry in multiple shapes, sizes, and combinations.

    While you dream of the 24-karat engagement ring, why not treat yourself to some beautiful gifts to make your look stylish, fresh, and elegant? Variety is the key: precious metals can be dull; you will not be able to have dozens of sets to wear with them. Be unpredictable, attractive, and all-about-fashion! Top world-renown designers and fashion houses set trends, and our trusted manufacturers follow them, creating exquisite, neat, and charming jewelry, which can give your look a unique charm.

    We offer bracelets, finger rings, ear cuffs —be sure all of them can match your outfit. They are so good that they can match even David’s Bridal dress and so easy to combine that you may want to mix our jewelry with some lovely things from Esty. There are so many ways to wear rose gold — look for ideas online or scroll down this page to search for inspiration. 

    Take a look, make your choice, and enjoy our Free Shipping and Free Returns policy for US residents. 

  • Skull jewelry

    Why is skull jewelry so attractive?

    If you have no idea what kind of gift to choose for a bad guy, for a Halloween party, for a friend who does not enjoy traditional jewelry or want to add some fresh vibes to your image, try skull jewelry.

    That is not for everyone, which is why fans of this jewelry type enjoy it that much. From necklaces to pendants and from earrings to bracelets, skull shape or engraving are captivating and originally looking. Scary little heads in sugar skull jewelry for men and women may adore or disguise, but they will not leave anyone indifferent, you can be sure. 

    Why people enjoy skull theme in accessories and jewelry? The answer is simple. It is one of the most powerful, influential, and one of the oldest known symbols to humans. Some people believe the skull can attract good luck and extra energy, while others associate it with some unique and deep meaning. Skulls symbolize toughness and bravery, especially for rebellious youth groups, which helped many cultures show their membership, for example, it happens with bikers. For men, they can be signs of masculinity and strength.

    Skull jewelry

    Some people believe life is impossible without the thoughts of death; this way, skulls mean life celebration or testament to a belief in life after death. You may have your own idea of the skull symbol, and, if you decide to get it in jewelry, check out the variety of things we offer!

    Skull jewelry: how to choose

    Most popular skull jewelry is made of sterling silver and stainless steel. This option leaves a lot of space for personalization, for example, an engraving. Also, there are plenty of costume jewelry options for the Day of the Dead with a skull and crossbones if you need something traditional to show-off.

    Skulls are usually combined with leather when it comes to cufflinks and bracelets, sometimes with a macramé style bracelet and bangles. With or without jewels, for yourself or as a gift,  there is a wide variety of attractive skull jewelry types to win any customer’s heart. 

    Want to create an exclusive outfit and look like a rebellious and unpredictable person full of inner energy? Choose a massive jewelry piece. If a skull means something sacral to you, you can stick to smaller and more delicate jewelry to demonstrate to those who are close enough to you to notice. 

    If skull jewelry brings an idea of fashion and appeals to you, then just trust your taste and embrace the trend. We have jewels with the skull’s visages in various stylistics: pirate or biker, glamorous, or hardcore. The price is always on the lower side — because we care about our customers and want to offer fair pricing and the best quality on the market.

    Check out the unique items, prices, and delivery options for the US. Payments by card are entirely secure, and a refund is free of charge. Shop with comfort!

  • Snake Jewelry

    Snake Jewelry Stands for No Evil

    A snake has always been a symbol of strength and power. It started somewhere in the Victorian era when people made snake necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry imitating this animal. A bracelet or a choker made in the shape of a snake symbolizes protection and eternity. A sterling silver snake ear cuff can make a perfect gift. 

    Snake jewelry has a very vintage feel to it. Serpent motif jewelry can be found in the most inspiring marketplaces like Etsy. It does not even demand to advertise because most people shop for these jewelry samples daily. Regardless of the tendencies of the modern world, the impact of social media, and advanced technologies, the buyers are still willing to believe in mythological symbols.

    A snake ring or a pendant can also symbolize purification. In the Renaissance era, these animals were often portrayed in mourning jewelry. People believed it helped release the corpse of the dead from negative energy and let it pass away to the better world.

    Snake Jewelry

    Nowadays, most people regard snake jewelry as a sign of protection from other people's negative energy. An ear piercing item with a snake-like barbell or a tiny ring in the nose imitating a snake are modern ways of self-protection from evil eyes.

    Of course, everyone invests their own ideas when wearing symbolic jewelry sets. Some people consider snakes the symbols of transformation and new life. A snake can renew its skin on its on to continue living a healthy eternal life. A snake necklace or a bracelet signifies eternity and symbolizes rebirth for some people.

    Serpent Metal Bangle Promotes Strength

    Is it ok to wear a ring imitating a snake? Serpent rings are often used in spiritual practices. If you are an orthodox believer, and if your faith prevents you from wearing a ring like this, you’d better not reject your faith only because you are interested in a piece of metal. 

    Nevertheless, a snake bangle, an ear cuff, or a necklace is entirely harmless. Jesus called snakes wise, so a jewelry set like this can be a sign of inner wisdom. A small stud earring with a snakehead or in the shape of a tiny snake is by no means a symbol of death. A snake sheds its skin, thus giving itself a sort of rebirth.

    Costume jewelry and clothes jeweled with snakes can also be symbols of healing. That is probably why numerous medical practitioners and pharmacists all over the world pin a snake brooch to the uniform. 

    Remember to stay away from stereotypes and misleading beliefs of our older adults. A necklace, a bracelet, or a couple of snake rings in your jewelry box have no specific pretext under them. They symbolize what you want them to signify. 

    If you do not belong to any religious confession, shop for the high-quality snake jewelry here. Add the custom jewelry goods to your online shopping basket and consult us on the price, if needed, because we offer regular promotions and price cuts. The cost of the snake jewelry set depends on many factors, including the type of metal, added gemstones, plating, and many more.

  • Stainless steel jewelry

    Why is stainless steel jewelry so popular?

    For those who are rough and minimalistic, choosing their accessories and jewelry, stainless steel items will be an excellent option. Wired necklaces and metal bracelets, beautiful, reserved, and magnificent, can significantly change your look. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials picked by men and a trendy choice of women. 

    Nickel-covered, hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, affordable, yet superb — all that is about stainless steel. The jewelry made of this metal costs cheaper than sterling silver; however, it is incredibly durable despite the price.

    If you choose rings made of the superalloy — keep in mind that they can be customized with an engraving of words, citations, precious dates of your life, like your first date, the wedding date, the birthday of your children, and so on. The same rule applies to pendants. 

    Stainless steel jewelry

    Earrings and hoop earrings made of steel create a light and summer-like impression no matter what season you wear them. Most popular items made of chromium steels and duplex stainless steels on Etsy and other popular websites include belly rings, chains, earrings, rings for men, necklaces, ID pendants, bracelets, and a lot more. A significant advantage of the heat-treated metal to be a less glaring and less bright alternative to shiny silver. 

    Stainless steel can add some sharp and polished look. High-end jewelry of a stunning material, with matt or glare finish, is designed to make your whole look stylish, bold, and spice up any combination you wear. 

    Stainless Steel: about the material

    Authentic stainless steel products comprise far more items than jewelry and accessories. Martensitic steel is used for knives. Passivation makes the metal highly resistant to damages, like galling and galvanic or anodic corrosion or simple rusts — our manufacturing partners use this procedure to ensure the highest quality of the jewelry we sell. 

    Jewelry stainless steel — also known as vanadium, is always protected from stress corrosion cracking. Tempering or heat treating is another way to make steel undefeatable and let the accessory symbolize the owner’s strong spirit and remarkable talents. 

    If you decide to purchase an item made of chrome-nickel steel, you must be a strong and motivated person, striving for quality in everything you make and everything around. Choosing metal jewelry is an excellent opportunity to engrave a personal message that will stay with you and support you in the darkest times or smile. Before purchasing stainless steel, it is vital to find a reputable vendor: for example, some types of steel may leave dark stains on the skin, while others are suitable for extended wearing, and are a mark of high-quality jewelry. Also, pay attention to the design elements: if it is earrings, make sure the clasps are correctly functioning. And there a no weak parts in your item. If you are looking for a wedding band, ensure the ring is flat and comfortable. 

  • Star Jewelry

    Stars and Moon Jewelry — Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings for Dreamers

    Speaking in the language of symbols and being capable of expressing a lot without words is the most loving hearts’ ability. Want to be one of them? You can convey to your loved one eternal values, such as love and happiness, embodied in sterling silver and metal. Since the beginning of time, people have been looking into the sky, and the glittering light of distant galaxies inspired them long before the invention of the telescope. The radiance of star jewelry will awaken astronomy passion even in those who are not interested in NASA's latest discoveries. 

    Star Jewelry

    In the Medieval Times, jewelry in the shape of celestial bodies was used as amulets. During the Baroque period, it served as a symbol of astrological and scientific discoveries. The mysticism of the starry sky inspired jewelers of the Georgian and Victorian eras — brooches and pendants in the shape of a crescent moon symbolized femininity. The stars were associated with spiritual protection. The moon symbolized fertility and purity, so the first earrings that the father gave to his daughter were crescent-shaped. This was like a wish for the happy future of the offspring. Furthermore, the ancient Chinese considered the circle a symbol of heaven, infinity, and the sun and moon designated East and West.

    Star Jewelry for US Patriots and Star Wars Fans

    A thousand years ago, the six-pointed star of David was an international sign. It was found on early Christian amulets and in Muslim ornaments called the seal of Solomon. In Christian churches, the hexagram is even more common than in synagogues, since it symbolizes the strength of mind and protection from troubles. So are the stars on the US flag that symbolize the number of states and purity, pride, honesty, and justice. Jewelry with stars will emphasize US citizens’ patriotism and make an excellent gift and an ideal accessory to wear for Independence Day.

    Of course, variations on the star theme are inextricably linked to the legendary saga by George Lucas called the Star Wars. Fans of Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, all the Jedi, and Sith members, and fantastic C-3PO will adore the jewelry from our collection, whether it is a bracelet, a pair of earrings, pendant, necklace, etc. Stars are reflected in the mythology and traditions of many world cultures, from Buddhism to Judaism. According to different interpretations, the sign of Om symbolizes the sun or a star. It is used in Buddhist practices and meditation techniques; it gives peace and purifies the soul.

    Our ecommerce presents a lot of jewelry made from sterling silver and steel. Accessories are decorated with various stones, including gems. Spectacular accessories are worth publishing on social media and will provide you with attention and many likes. You can buy accessories with jewels at a low price, and we also accept credit cards and gift coupons. With coupons, jewelry is even more affordable!

  • Statement Necklaces

    Statement Necklaces Are Your Best Friends 

    Many women like massive jewelry: rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and many others. When they want to impress someone, most probably, they will go for statement necklaces. A statement necklace is not a small detail: it is an eye-catching necklace with precious stones, such as diamonds, crystals, or pearls, and made of silver, gold, or sterling silver. As usual, everything depends on one’s taste and paying capacity. If you look for a statement necklace for daily use, it may cost like $20 or less. However, if you choose something from high-class jewelry, the prices may go up unlimitedly.

    Lately, there has been a very popular trend in flower necklaces or pendants. They have been the most common choice of teenage girls who like summertime vibes or just prefer bright colors. Still, one can wear them even with the evening dress. At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have collected the best necklace assortment from ETSY, Pandora, and Clarity. Shop for casual jewelry or go for bib chockers that can complete any look.

    Every item is checked for safety, accuracy in details, and practicability. The works of jewelers are hand-made and also reviewed on environmentally-friendly materials. You will not have an allergy or itching in your V-zone, and we guarantee you that each necklace comes with a warranty that will deprive you of any unrepairable damage or harm. Contact us now to learn about how to pair statement necklaces with the most extraordinary looks or evening attire for special occasions. Our experts are there to help 24/7.Statement Necklaces

    How to Choose Statement Necklace for a Gift?

    Choosing a gift with a statement necklace can be quite a hard task. The assortment of this jewelry is impressive, and you can get puzzled with it quickly. There are glass and beaded necklaces, Indian jewelry, and even macrame crystal necklaces that perfectly fit young adults or teenagers who like everything beyond standard jewelry. We have also picked the jewelry items for daily use and beads for children from

    First, identify the size or inch of the actual necklace. On our website, we share these details for each item. Then, think of the material, as it will dictate the actual price. And, of course, think of such thing as personalization. We have jewelry that can be customized or personalized. Also, you can engrave a statement or initials afterward. Besides, there are dog tag necklaces. They are usually for those who work in the military with their brave dogs. Put everything you find attractive in the basket, and check out the total prices. Note that jewelry should bring only positive emotions without any persisting thoughts concerning an item’s high rate. Remember, our catalog has justified costs so that you could shop economically.

    We accept major payment gateways, and you can pay with a credit card. Also, clients can find us on social media. The actual website is written with comfort for clients (in javascript), so there are no lags while surfing the assortment of jewelry, beads, and many more.

  • Stud Earrings

    Stud Earrings for Your Stunning Looks

    Earrings are classy, no matter how strange it may sound. Both children and adults wear them to look cool or just to add some gloss to their looks. One may find diamond, silver, or sterling silver stud earring depending on the preferences and the price. Four-leaf clover stud earrings are trending; they are believed to bring luck if you are into such superstitions. At Jewelry Ecommerce, we have myriad options for the most demanding clients. The assortment fits both women and men, and our little ones. You can be sure to catch the best deals of gemstone jewelry from such brands like Forever 21, Pandora, Kate Spade New York, ETSY New York, and EEA Design. Shop for precious gems, access affordable prices of no more $48.00 MSRP per gemstones during the sales days, and feel confident that you look stunning with such small but classic details.

    If you got puzzled with the choice or assortment itself, and pearl earring or diamond four-leaf clover stud earrings are hard to choose between, check out their color patterns, and imagine what will fit best you certain look, or attire. Otherwise, feel free to ask us on recommendations or fashion trends.

    All products are high-quality and hand-picked from the major brands, but they are also checked for safety and longevity if you want to present such a gift to your beloved ones. Stud earrings will serve one long life without damages or any need for renovation.

    How to Combine Stud Earrings with Clothes?

    Stud earrings are not hard to combine with looks if you have a clear-cut plan for your everyday outfits. If you have a summer dress, you may find something like Daisy Flower earrings to complete the look and add more warm vibes. If you are having a wedding and already chose your engagement rings with the partner, geometric 3D earrings will neatly complete your wedding outfit. Finally, if you select stud earrings for your man, there is a vast assortment of styles and designer earrings to suit any taste: from simulated black onyx square studs up to square cz studs, and many more.

    Stud earrings are a “remedy” for those people who do not know what they want in terms of style and just find it hard to choose from necklaces, rings, and studs. These small jewelry does not spoil the look, so add a component that matches the whole attire.

    At Jewelry Ecommerce, we comply with the retail rules, including a warranty of titles, binding agreement, arbitration contracts, and/or an arbitration agreement, litigating, and indemnification processes. One may indemnify or access the mentioned warranties of merchantability with our arbitrator during litigation within EEA (European Economic Area) legislation and standard class actions.

    Feel free to contact us by telephone or email. Our website has data protection and will guarantee you the privacy of all your credentials during the purchase. Choose the best stud earrings to impress others with your unique style.

  • Toe Rings

    Toe Rings — Extraordinary Style for Any Age

    Toe rings are usually related to Indian history and Indian cultures; many women tend to wear them to accentuate their beauty. One can simply wear a toe ring alone or pair a toe-ring with anklet and bright sandals for a unique look. Beyond that, there is such a phenomenon like ancient greek sandals that already have a platform sole and a toe-binding piece of material in modern fashion. There are many ways to look trendy: Sterling silver, simple silver, titanium, cubic zirconia materials, as well as such designs for a toe ring as Kaalungura, Metti, Jodavi, Bichiya, the Ramayana, Sita, Lord Rama, Bichiyas, are there to boost your style. Or else, at Jewelry Ecommerce, we have Jerusalem, Christian jewelry, and barbell rings for piercing. From synthetic gem jewelry to precious gems, all are available at affordable prices, quick delivery, and the implied warranty.

    Upon the request or availability, we can also offer a toe ring set of a highest-quality, unique design. Any toe ring is comfortable to wear on the beach, party, or as a daily jewelry. Let us know about the diameter of your toe so that we can facilitate your shopping experience. Most of the assortment items are environmentally-friendly, elegant, with a smooth surface that will not cause any allergy or itching. It is harmless to your gentle skin. Besides, you may find many rings of vintage styles that meet your gourmet preferences.

    How to Match Toe Rings Easily?

    As was said, toe rings you shop with us fit any occasion, and,  in general, they are perfectly paired even with the most classic attires. The products from ETSY may be combined with your sandals, necklaces, precious gem jewelry, and also flip-flops to go on the beach. Toe ring can be matched with a zirconia engagement ring or a wedding band. If willing, your partner can also find an assortment of rings that perfectly fit his or her style. The products come with a warranty and MSRP prices; however, we ensure they are affordable to buy a set of jewelry and keep your budget unharmed.

    Let us hint you on pairings: a toe ring is an irreplaceable accessory this summer. You will be a superstar at any party, including a summer cocktail party, pool party, or even a wedding ceremony. Choose a bright color dress, wear a small necklace or a choker, and add a few details to your toes. Even one toe ring is enough to look cool; adding too many accessories may spoil the entire look. If you have a formal meeting in the restaurant, you may wear a black dress or trousers with a blouse and add a silver toe ring. However, this option only fits if you have transparent shoes or open-toe high heels.

    If you run out of ideas, please contact Jewelry Ecommerce, and we will guide you through stunning outfits with a toe ring.

  • Tree of life jewelry

    Tree of Life Jewelry Symbolizes Abundance & Eternity

    If you are looking for a tree of life necklace or pendant, you might already know that it is a very symbolic thing. It is a sacred tree concept developed in Jewish mystics. It's a widespread talisman of Kabbalistic nature. Numerous philosophers often called the tree of life "the tree of knowledge." Mainly because it serves as a bridge between the underworld and heaven.

    Talismans like these are common for numerous confessions. Getting a jewelry set with the tree of life can be an excellent idea if you are willing to make a special gift to a spiritual person who believes in symbolism. This symbol’s essence is still vague, and Jewish mysticism is not the only source where the concept of the tree of life is widespread.

    Etsy users and Etsy staff members can prove that a sterling silver tree of life pendant is among the most popular jewelry pieces they sell monthly. Buyers shop for this item because of several reasons.

    Tree of life jewelry

    Tree of life necklaces and earrings are often connected with such term as Chokhmah, which means “wisdom” in the Hebrew Bible. Kabbalists believe that pendants and necklaces with the tree of life symbol are somehow connected with the spiritual practices and the paths we choose in life. 

    Kabbalists even have a special diagram with emanations (Sefirot) to explain it, but the diagram itself does not look like a tree at all. Nevertheless, if you shop for the tree of life jewelry, you should consider the symbolism. Especially if it is a gift to someone you care about. The aspect of kabbalah is very complex, and you'll have to explain your choice.

    Tree of Life Jewelry: Symbolism & Beliefs

    The tree of life jewelry, be it a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet, promotes personal and spiritual development regardless of the price. It is about getting better and wiser with every stage of life. Bodhi jewelry products have a very keen and deep religious context. These are mostly ethnic-looking items demonstrating the strong attachment to your roots and never-ending belief in God and a human being’s spiritual powers.

    Tree of life jewelry is as famous as Tiferet jewels. Tiferet Jewels imply minimalism and strict geometric shapes, helping people to concentrate on their inner world and meditate. A Tiferet pendant with a gemstone is a nice present to anyone appreciating minimalism and strives for inner peace and emotional comfort.

    All trees develop in the same way. Everything starts with the roots, and the tree keeps on growing while spreading its branches towards the sun. A tree of life is a symbol of nature’s strength that is undeniable. That is the reason why engagement rings and other paired jewelry pieces serve as memorable gifts. It’s one of the greatest good-buy gifts for someone you won’t see for a long time.

    Jewish mysticism is not the origin explaining the Kabbalistic meaning of the tree. The symbol and its meaning is something you consider right for yourself. Let your tree of life pendant be your symbol of protection, strength, knowledge, and love for any living creature in the world, regardless of the religion and anyone's opinion.

  • Tungsten rings

    Tungsten ― the Hardest and the Most Durable Jewelry Material

    When choosing a wedding band or a usual ring, most customers prefer pieces from precious metals, like gold or platinum, since such jewelry looks expensive and luxurious. However, when it comes to buying a ring for daily use, it is highly advisable to pay attention to the materials’ durability in the first place. The point is that most precious metals are not resistant to scratches and unfavorable weather conditions.

    If you want to have a wedding ring from gold, you had better avoid putting it on during handwork, training sessions, or outside activities. You can replace it with a more wear-resistant alternative on such occasions. The ideal variant is a piece from tungsten carbide (WC).

    To start with, let us discuss the crucial facts about tungsten. Tungsten (wolfram or volfram) carbide is a ceramic extracted from tungsten ore, in most cases ― from wolframite or hübnerite. Initially, this carbide looks like gray powder. It undergoes powder metallurgy to be used for jewelry manufacturing and other industries, which includes pressing, sintering and forming into a shape needed. One more option available is hot isostatic pressing. After being sintered, this material becomes solid and achieves the top-class hardness and resistance to abrasion. Also, it outclasses high-speed steel in terms of resistance to high temperatures. To clarify, it is not only the hardest among all the carbides; it is one of the hardest materials on the Earth.

    Besides the carbide, there are the following meta states of tungsten: crystalline forms, tungsten hexafluoride (WF), tungstophosphoric acid (HPW₁₂O₄₀), molybdopterin, kegging anions, nanowires.

    Naturally, the use of such a unique material widely spread the industry. So, tungsten is used to manufacture different sleeves, sheaths, rings, and washers. Tungsten inert gas is applied for welding. Tungsten nanowires are used for developing and producing lithium-ion batteries, similar to silicon nanowires.

    Tungsten Rings ― the Perfect Choice For Everyday Wear

    Why should you choose tungsten as the material for your wedding bands? First, as was mentioned above, it is characterized by the ultimate resistance to scratches. It is even more scratch-resistant than titanium. Secondly, tungsten is known for its hardness. Unlike the situation with the majority of precious metals, rings from tungsten preserve their shape for decades.

    At the same time, tungsten alloys boast outstanding aesthetic properties. The natural color of this material is dark gray or gunmetal. But it can be covered with various coatings, including golden ones, decorated with inlay, for example, from meteorite ― the exclusive cosmic material. Also, such a ring can have a diamond, a gemstone, or a crystal. There are no design limits; you can easily find the piece that will suit your taste perfectly.

    By the way, despite the extreme hardness of tungsten compounds, they are easy to put off in emergencies. So, unlike the situation with most precious metals, medics will not have to cut your ring from tungsten to save your swollen finger.

    One more advantage of wolfram jewelry that is worth mentioning as a separate point ― it is hypoallergenic. Still, if you opt for a piece from tungsten steel or any other kind of alloy, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components used.

    As you can see, a ring from tungsten is the best option if you are looking for an engagement or wedding band that will serve for decades and will be as secure and reliable as your feelings.

    Sure, the use of wolfram is not limited to manufacturing wedding bands only. A ring from this material is a popular choice for men searching for a stylish and durable accessory to complement everyday looks.

    Meanwhile, the price of tungsten rings is significantly lower than that of the pieces from precious metals, which undoubtedly contributes to this material’s popularity.

    We offer tungsten rings in our online jewelry shop to fit every taste and occasion: from understated minimalist options without extra decorations to sophisticated pieces with elaborate design, precious inlays, and shiny crystals. Meanwhile, we make every effort to keep our prices lower than on most other retailers’ websites, including Etsy.

  • Turquoise Jewelry

    Turquoise Jewelry ― Luxurious Vintage Indian Jewelry

    If you are looking for an elegant, but an eye-catching accessory that will help accentuate your style and stand out from the crowd, turquoise jewelry is exactly what you need.

    Turquoise is a natural gemstone, which is characterized by the beautiful greenish-blue color and the mesmerizing pattern. However, its color may vary: one can find blue or green turquoise. As for the structure of this gem, it resembles coral to a certain extent.

    No doubt, turquoise jewelry is of great value. You can hand down turquoise jewelry pieces to your children or grandchildren as family heirlooms or even put it in a pawn.

    Turquoise jewelry is versatile: it will look great with almost any outfit, from dresses in the boho style to classic suits, and casual jeans. Moreover, this gemstone will suit any woman, regardless of age or appearance.

    If you are looking for a precious gift for your mom, sister, wife, or little daughter, you can safely buy a piece of turquoise jewelry. The beauty of this gemstone will enchant your dear person.

    The history of turquoise jewelry traces back to ancient civilizations, such as the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, and others.

    In the USA territory, the largest turquoise mines are in the southwestern part of the country. The majority of these mines were established and developed by Native Americans, including the Zuni, the Navajo, the Hopi. As of today, US mines play a significant role in the market of turquoise. One of the most famous local mines is the Kingman Mine. As for the manufacturers, one of the leaders is Durango Silver Company, which offers a good selection of natural turquoise jewelry.

    Turquoise can be used in producing different kinds of jewelry: from sophisticated earrings with delicate small beads to necklaces with statement pendants. There are no limits. As for other materials used to complement turquoise, jewelers combine this gem with sterling silver in most cases.

    Where to Buy Turquoise Jewelry at a Reasonable Price?

    If you want to order an exquisite ring with turquoise for yourself or a sophisticated vintage bracelet for your mom or granny, welcome to our online jewelry shop. We will offer you a wide range of exclusive turquoise jewelry pieces that will become your favorite accessories.

    Speaking about our advantages, we should mention the extensive assortment in the first place. In our catalog, you will find turquoise pendants, bracelets, rings, ear cuffs, earrings, and other jewelry accessories to fit every taste and budget. More to the point, in our shop, you can buy turquoise jewelry pieces designed in the vintage style that resemble traditional Native American jewelry. Such an accessory will easily make any outfit look special.

    But our highest priority is to provide the customers with the most profitable quality-to-price ratio. Before adding any new item to our assortment, we make sure that it is created with diligence and safe and durable materials only, like gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel. Every ring, ear cuff, necklace, and any other piece of turquoise jewelry presented in our catalog, is characterized by the sophistication and flawlessness of manufacture. And that excellence of quality is complemented by lower prices than in most other jewelry shops. Naturally, in our pricing policy, we stick to the MSRPs.

    If you want to add a new necklace with a turquoise pendant to your collection or want to find a luxurious and elegant gift to your dear person, start with looking through the turquoise jewelry pieces offered our website.

  • Wedding Bands

    A Wedding Band ― the Most Treasured Jewelry in One's Life

    Whether you plan a traditional methodist marriage ceremony in the church or a romantic nuptial on the beach, stylish wedding rings for your fourth fingers are a must-have detail.

    Wedding bands are the pieces of jewelry that you will wear as a token of confirmation of your strong feelings throughout your entire life, so it is crucial to pay enough attention and time to select the ideal items. Sure, the best variant is to deal with that together with your future wife/husband. However, some men prefer to make surprises and to present wedding bands during the nuptials. In such a case, you can turn to your best man for assistance. You will also probably need an engagement ring to put on the ring finger to show that you are the betrothed pair.

    Indeed, if you cannot afford a platinum or white gold diamond wedding rings or just want to save some money for other expenditure items like buying a house or organizing a memorable honeymoon, you can safely choose from more affordable options, including:

    • Sterling silver rings. They enjoy great popularity among those searching for wedding or engagement rings that look traditional and elegant but are more affordable than platinum or gold Such models will perfectly suit the traditional methodists’ weddings and other classic ceremonies.
    • Steel models. Such rings are cheaper than those made of sterling silver, but still, look elegant and stylish. Besides, they are much more resistant to scratches and oxidation.
    • Bands from tungsten. A ring from tungsten is the best variant for those who spend much time outdoors, practice extreme sports, or are involved in handwork. Such pieces are unscratchable and highly resistant to the impact of unfavorable weather conditions. Besides, unlike most rings from precious metals, they preserve the original shape for decades and even longer.
    • Silicone options. Such accessories are an ideal choice for those people who lead an active life and practice sports. Besides, they are a real find for those who cannot wear hard rings due to specific health problems. Thanks to the ultimate flexibility of silicone bands, they are safe and comfortable to wear. Besides, their prices are lower than those for the items made of precious metals. You can wear such a piece of jewelry on the fourth finger in daily life after the ceremony as an alternative to a traditional wedding ring or use it during workouts only.

    Speaking about stones for a wedding or engagement ring, you can substitute a diamond with a birthstone, zirconia piece, or another crystal kind.

    Where to Buy Perfect Rings for Wedding Ceremonies?

    No doubt, the best choice is to use the services of the online shop Jewelry Ecommerce.

    Our assortment of wedding and engagement rings includes plenty of beautiful and stylish pieces to fit every customer's taste and style. Opt for smart unornamented minimalist models that will not distract attention from the bride's beauty. Or turn to eye-catching items decorated with one large statement stone or with delicate tiny crystals, which will complement a plain dress and act as a vital detail of a simple outfit. In addition to rings for traditional united methodist weddings, we can offer a good selection of bichiyas, bands for varied betrothal and engagement ceremonies, and rings for wedding anniversaries.

    Indeed, in our catalog, you can find a full range of jewelry pieces for your wedding ceremony. Besides bands, we offer earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, and other accessories for brides, grooms, and guests. We will help you find ideal shiny accessories that will add elegance and luxury to your outfit.

    But our highest priority is the quality of the pieces. Each wedding ring in our catalog characterizes by the excellence of manufacture and the meticulousness of details. Our wedding bands’ high quality is equal to that of the pieces from Forevermark, Enso, or eClarity, while our prices will seamlessly fit in any engagement or wedding budget. Our offers on rings and other jewelry are lower than those at most other online stores, including Etsy.

    So, choose the login and the password, create the account on our website and start searching for the perfect wedding bands for yourself and your betrothed one.