A Naughty Side
Total body embellishment, handcrafted erotic non pierced B-Jewels & Geni-Jewels, belly chains from Quebec Designer Mara, Swarovski crystals & pearls.
Arabesque Body Creations & Design Inc.
High Quality Erotic Body Jewelry Designed in Sterling Silver or Gold.
Belly Button Rings
Body Jewellery for the non pierced belly button.
Non piercing jewelry, feel the excitement without pain! Unique jewelry like necklace-breast combinations and bellydance jewels from Mideast.
Hidden Delites
Nipple Rings, Belly Button Rings,Ladies Genital Body Jewellery.
Swarovski Crystal Body gems and 7" bands apply with long lasting medical adhesive; variety of patterns and colors plus fairy dust and necklaces, Angel Cards...and more.
Nipple Huggers
Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry, sexually enhancing, and erotic. The anytime, anywhere nipple jewelry!
Non piercing nipple jewelry
Nipple Jewelry and non piercing nipple jewelry. We hand make all of our non-piercing nipple jewelry, nipple rings and non piercing body jewelry.
Show Off Your Stuff
Everything from white silk slave brackets, to genital jewelry.