Custom Design

Handmade-Designer- Fine Art Jewelry. Designs to grab your imagination. Sterling silver and semiprecious stones.
DeSantis Jewelry offers a wide variety of Gold and Sterling Silver Precious Gemstone Jewelry.
Elegant yet subtly playful---Contemporary jewelry with kinetic elements in silver, gold, pearls and gemstones.
Designer Fine Art Jewelryfor the discriminating person.
Gothic Jewelry, Bridal Circlet Headdress, Victorian Renaissance, Celtic, Art Nouveau, Faery and Elven Circlet headpieces, Vampire Bat Jewelry, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Decadent one of a kind original custom jewelry designs and Dark Muse ethereal music.
Custom Made, One of a Kind, Sterling Silver Pieces that are fabricated and set with assorted gemstones, drusies and 14k gold accents.
Janet Bocciardi uses semi-precious stones, silver, vintage and other fine materials with influences from nature and history to create her colorful designer jewelry.
Designs in precious metals, gemstones and other beautiful materials. Each piece is unique, created by artist Jason McLeod.
Fine jewelry for five generations - pearls, gold, silver, freshswater Pearls and Semi-precious stones.
Specializes in the sales of exclusive Bill Schiffer designed jewelry and fine art.